Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Luck Marc Boyer. Thank you for fighting the good fight

We have endured a couple of beautiful summer days here. There are many people who are feeling a pinch work wise. My pickings are slim too. Thankfully I have had help to stay afloat while I was on federal holidays. I would have been too far behind the eight ball to recover if it hadn't been for some very kind people. Thanks.

These two videos of Marc Boyer's interview have got me thinking again. It is sad for me to see so little concern for a safer, saner society by repealing the Prohibition laws. That allows the corrupt justice system to cut us out of the herd at leisure while the rest of the world continues to graze on.

All it takes is a reasonable and just Judge who has an fine understanding of the law. Why isn't it arranged so that a Judge can refuse to hear a drug case on his own ethical conscience? I mean a few of them must read more than the old reefer madness literature. There is plenty of science out there proclaiming the truth: that prohibition works contrary to it stated goals. The cure is worse than the disease.

Intelligent people, some of whom are Judges in a position of power must be able see that our troubles lie in attempting to go against nature and control what people choose to ingest. I wonder why so few of them take a principled stand?

I guess they feel that they might have too much to lose.

Perhaps the difference between them and me is that I have nothing, and therefore the point is moot to me.

All I know is that tomorrow will happen anyways and it feels better to face it in good humor and optimism. Many many people are so much worse off that I can't even imagine their plight. Therefor I have no option but to leave fear behind and be happy while the sun shines.

I am glad my happiness is not tied into my financial success.

Fragmat left a comment on my Utube about introducing chickens to his backyard and dogs. It seems that they enjoyed the encounter although he didn't. I can only chuckle at the thought of what might have gone on. I hope he puts up a video of the action. I actually do feel part of a larger caring community.

Why wouldn't more and more intelligent, sensitive Judges understand that they are part of a larger drug using community and it is time to use reason to limit the harm done to society by these crazy laws. If anything addiction is only curable when treated as a health concern.

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