Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reflections on: The Harvard Psychedelic Club on Tapestry CBC Radio One

Great program about a long ago time for me, today. Just click title link to download the mp3 from CBC

I'm glad the substance "research" into psychedelics is once again being investigated. It is a portent of good things to come, I believe.

I never even heard of Richard Alpert, Ram Dass, until I got on the internet.

The reason I did personal research then and now has always been the same. To go on an enlightening journey of some kind. The crazy stuff that is still being bandied about is pure BS in terms of it being realistic threat to the average person. Many more people are found dead by their own hand in the presence of, and under the influence of, alcohol, than will ever be related to psychedelics.

In fact it may be evident after research that many more people have been kept from suicide by their use of these substances than might be harmed by them.

I loved Leary's response to Nixon: "I have America surrounded" and can clearly remember the joy it brought to my heart. It was sad to hear that he betrayed some people but the prospect of prison is bleak indeed for a man like Dr. Leary. Who knows what demons drove his compromises. May he rest in peace.

A friend came by and gave me info on this new video on LSD by National Geographic.

I am enjoying it for the first time right now.

Here is a Fraser Valley connection.I have friends who make it only a small degree of separation from Nick Sand, although I never knew of him. His smile touches my soul, I believe exactly the same thing, thank you Nick Sand. It is the duty of intelligent and courageous men and women to bring this substance (LSD) to the masses, to those in government, for the benefit of all humanity. Psychedelics, especially LSD, are the only hope that the human race has to develop the level of collective creativity and mental awareness to tackle, and perhaps solve if we are lucky, the problem of monolithic complexity which we face today, imo. As we needed these substances early in the development of the human species, so too do we require a paradigm shift in our general ways of thinking today. The use of mushrooms might have given humans the adaptability to survive a disaster of major proportions before: the Ice Age.

Today the use of LSD might help us take a good look at ourselves and reorient our path to align to the natural way of things which will give us top satisfaction and happiness, but not derived from consumption. On the Current this morning two segments touched me as being related to this general theme: Pt 1: Fortress Toronto and Pt 2: Environment & G20 both touched indirectly on my thinking. Wouldn't it be great if these leadership people were slipped some good LSD? Those on the borderline of sanity, which by obvious observation are many, could well go over the edge. That would finally be a blessing for many of their subjects. Those who are left might produce something of value: They could cancel all future G8 /G20 meetings for a start.

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