Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toronto Huntsville G8 G20 summit terror Attack uncovered by CSIS

As Bud the "News" Oracle says: these culprits are still on the loose. CSIS is EAGER for any information concerning these crows. You are warned to be on the lookout for crows wearing the eye dropper delivery systems featured above.

They are considered to be extremely dangerous packing a mind altering load of LSD. Each is capable of turning on ten thousand stagnant hypocritical procrastinators. Do not handle or lick these birds!


Anonymous said...

Dec. 10, 1997, Canada's marijuana laws were declared unconstitutional by Justice Patrick Sheppard, which was upheld by the Ontario Court of Appeal, July 31, 2000 ( Catzman, Charron, and Rosenberg ). This decision was not appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada, and government has not re-enacted Criminal Code statute upon marijuana. Therefore, marijuana is technically legal, and has been for about 10 years. License or no license, the cops have no valid reason to be bugging people.

bud said...

Knowledge is power, and, understanding your rights is very powerful