Thursday, July 29, 2010

666kerk666 says it like I feel it. I like being free when I get up in the morning!


It is relatively easy to reach, too! You need to become aware, gather knowledge, and ACT! Not in anger, don't waste your time in conflict (armed or legal). Like 666kerk666, all you need to do is create beauty in this world however you are called to, and take those recollections with you at the moment of passing. Your reward will be FREEDOM on a daily basis! That's right Paradise can be experienced here and now and taken with you into eternity (perhaps.)

Some people have asked me where I come up with this (crap). My mind is active and continually soaring on possibilities colored with past experiences. I remember some frightening situations while I was hang gliding (a sport usually laced with drug induced euphoria--adrenaline.) When there seemed to be imminent impact, a couple of times, I had experienced time distortions and flashback streaming memories. Truly very similar to my DMT experiences, so I guess that I thought I was on the threshold of eternal transition at my core. The Pineal gland was "pouring it in" naturally. That and the floodgates opening wide dumping in Adrenaline. So you can see my reference to death being a drug induced psychedelic experience is on the mark for me. What I remember about the memories, was that they were all beautiful. Exquisitely sensual and deeply visceral. I do remember blossoming, bursting feelings rushing in expanding waves of joy over me.

Listen to the CBC Ideas Podcast "Beauty will save the World" Frank Faulk

See my comment below as shatner bassoon

This instant of passing, imo, might be enhanced by a hefty dose of naturally produced DMT to become a psychedelic orgasm if we have stored up the memories of beautiful moments throughout our life. The best of it is that each of us defines beauty in a slightly different, personal way. This paradigm should make it universally acceptable and uniquely individual to pass on joyously if our hearts are in the right place.

When one thinks about the beauty involved in making life by making love, you really have to wonder why it should be a sad experience to pass on into the universe again. It may be sad for the living, but having lived a life of beauty, I would expect a lovely moment at death, too. I believe it deep inside of me without any concern over what will happen in the next momment. It will be a pleasant surprise, I am sure.

Here's someone from a far place. This is not the first time. I wonder how they got to see my little slice of rebellion? Interesting what article they came in on

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