Friday, July 30, 2010

Robert Pickton won't get new trial: top court rules

I have been both outraged and compassionately crying over this sad schlamazzle for more than a decade. I have joined in marches and remember thinking how much the cops on Harleys were making in overtime, while when this case first came to light no could be bothered even admitting that the "low class Hookers" were in trouble. I remember hearing about how they were all on vacation somewhere enjoying themselves on the spoils of "Crack Whoring." At the time I thought "What bullshit!" and was dealing with my own corrupt policing scam.

On BC Almanac today came an apology, of sorts, from the deputy chief of the VPD, admitting mistakes were made and that he was truly sorry on behalf of the VPD. He was also waiting for the inquiry to begin in the handling of the case. This sounded very sincere and honest as he delivered it. The VPD now claims there may be as many as two serial killers loose in the Lower mainland.

Public inquiry into Pickton investigation possible You'll notice that CBC calls Michael De Jong the Solicitor General, he is actually the Attorney General. The Solicitor General's job is reserved for ex cops and changes its officers very irregularly due to past crimes committed by them coming to light and criminal investigations.

The reality as evidenced in the video below is a bit contradictory to his statements: At the street level his goons still have no respect for this very same segment of society. The corruption caused by implementing the CDSA on individual cops is huge. Their disdain for this class of hurting human beings puts a lie to the Deputy Chief's words. Surely the cops wouldn't have pushed her if they thought that she was ill (as she was). Rather, I believe they saw her unsteady gait, formed an immediate negative judgment as to "Drug user?" and reacted negatively almost as if by instinct.

Then they walked on and later covered their asses by reporting the "incident" having had time to put a bit of self defensive coloring on it.This kind of disrespect garners non cooperation and disrespect in return. Is that why finding these guys is so hard? No one trusts nor likes the cops?

We are to believe that these guys will really give a shit about any missing of these people? Yeah, maybe you, Mike Howell, but not me.

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