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Another American killed in ambush: Taliban

Here is a point of view I agree with completely:

TorontoProud wrote:Posted 2010/07/25
at 5:50 PM

ETMissAuga lies --:

"Let's not forget that right after 911, Bush gave the Taliban a choice to either hand over Bin Laden, or face certain destruction by western military power. They made the wrong choice."

Yes The Government of Afghanistan said that they were holding Bin Ladin under house arrest and when the Americans provided some evidence that Bin Ladin had any thing to do with 9/11 then the Afghanistan government would EXTRADITE bin Ladin as is the rule of law among civilized nations.

George Bush and Americans refused to follow the rule of law . They refused to act like a civilized nation and attacked Afghanistan unprovoked and murdered and tortured tens of thousands needlessly .

Canada has spend 45 billion and lost 145 soldiers because of Right wing Jingoism arrogance and thuggish behavior

Read more: click title link to read CBC article

This goes hand in hand with the war on drugs that the US government chooses to perpetrate against its own peaceful citizens who seek a different state of mind and exercise their freedom of choice. Fascists have gained control of the US of A a long time ago. The example the world will take away from the short live history of this republic will be that democracy can be easily overcome by clever political marketing exploiting the gullible nature of the majority of its citizens. By neglecting spending on education and gearing up for endless conflict to support a military industrial goal/complex any desired outcome can be achieved at the ballot box, not to mention implementation of direct fraud via the ballot box.

As you can see the thinking of the establishment is totally skewed to the irrational. The war on drugs will become an endless police action supplying fodder for the prison industry and legal profession as well.

Well, you can move towards this tyranny if you wish but it will be at your peril. You will bleed if needs be applying your moronic idiocy and fascist thinking.

In his last few words of the above post "Canada has spend 45 billion and lost 145 soldiers because of Right wing Jingoism arrogance and thuggish behavior" you can see who supports the war via patriotism without question; the thugs. The police forces of Canada, the bikers and those who support anything the right wing terrorists in Ottawa conjure up to wage war on others on behalf of America.

Idiots who will garner hate for us for generations, is what these war mongers who blindly follow the USA are, Mr Harper.

It is everyone's duty to stand against the corruption and idiocy at every level, as individuals brave and free, because if you don't, soon you won't be..............

These closed minded warrior morons who control people through force think that they can keep on doing what they are, unimpeded. They feel that they are immune to the forces of nature which seek a balance. The natural way of things is ignored and power and might exerted until a paradigm shift occurs. I hope it does soon and these real terrorists, of which Mr. Harper is one, will meet their well deserved fate at the hands of those whom they torture.

To claim to be on the side of less government intrusion as concerned conservatives claimed was their right last week, and therefor the mandatory long version of the census would need to be scrapped, is mind boggling. Never mind that is the only honest measuring device to use in studying the effects of government policies, the fact is conservatives must have their privacy. OK then!

Check out this video How weed won the west


(I like how the young man puts Paul Martin and other Prime Ministers to the test with some tough questions. We are asleep at the switch, people! If you think that there is going to be a rosy future in a Police State under the world domination thumb, you are a believer in Hollywood fantasy and deserving of enslavement.)

It is the founding principal of democracy, that people such as I are needed and must take up their duty to keep our democracy alive. And it is something that the education system tries to delete out of people early and replace with blind obedience. This is the same thing Harper/Ignatief demands. It is the same crap supported by the controllers of the media. Just as that CTV article about the Paul Martin speaking event (in video above) so was this "news" article a pure bullshit smear about my business premises at 564 East Broadway: Vancouver drug activist arrested for storefront enterprise Vancouver Sun By Mike Howell, Vancouver Courier

Mike Howell might be a hack for the Courier/Sun, but he doesn't understand the meaning of the phrase "No Justice ---No peace."

Mike Howell thinks it makes sense to allow the cops to commit crime while they lie about how dangerous pot smokers are. I bet that I am getting almost as many reads from here in BC, but more than him from around the rest of the world. Mike Howell is a liar for the establishment, one of a legion. He holds his job because his media is a marketing rag for the alcohol and consumer rip off trade. Never one to let any facts and the truth cloud an issue he is usually opinionated in some irrational rote-repeater sort of way.

Mike Howell blindly wrote patriotic articles promoting the war likely as a good moronic patriot happy with calling Collateral Murder by another name. Always the good promoter of government propaganda he is. Fuck off with your financially sinking rag and your lies promoting murder and mayhem for alcohol sales and the police state.

I am only following a logical sane rational progression in my duty as a citizen. When I realized that the rule of law does not exist in this country through many personal experiences, I did not just stop there and knuckle under. I took it on peacefully and did the next logical thing when one discovers that the organization to which they belong operates above the law and uses tactics which include murder, extortion, torture, and allows our neighborhoods to become mired in lawlessness and be ruled by organized crime, and thuggish criminal cops: I withdrew my consent to be governed by such a criminal entity and in fact set up an alternative model for community safety.

This July marks the 9th anniversary of Portugal's miracle

So don't give me any moronic lip about what I propose as not being the rational thing to do when a government is concerned about the well being of its citizens. I am tired of the idiots ruling things and making my community unsafe with moron cops and gang thugs holding sway, with the destroyers/polluters of the world making evil and fowl decisions. I will control what does and doesn't enter my body or you will have to house me for the rest of my life.

This was a great expression of our Society's foundational understanding by the Registrar. I entitled it "the Law and the Bible"

I'll put a couple of photos up of the historic business card from the time of 564 East Broadway. They have just been returned to me and were printed on the day the cops stole my vegetables, chemical belongings and harmed the community by closing the store down. They are so nice, that I am thinking of selling them as artifacts of history. I think I was the first retail outlet open to the public selling the wares on my menu anywhere in modern times. There are 1000 of them and I could use the money. What do you think? A way to help fund my activism? or way too much over the top fund raising?

I wonder what these guys on the night shift think about my cards:

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This is a new one. How many people did that war cost? It too was based on an admitted lie: The gulf of Tonkin incident

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