Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diversion "Plan Columbia for Mexico" - Not Tackling Mexico's drug wars

ABC News Car bomb marks dark chapter in drugs war

A seemingly frank discussion about a new level of narco terrorism in Mexico. It is really a diversion as the drug warrior expert regurgitates his old drug war rhetoric and gives us bullshit by the barrel load. Totally admitting that there will always be a drug flow and demand, these guys forget the purpose of the laws which are causing this great destabilization in law and order. This is caused by the laws of prohibition themselves as a side effect to their original purpose: the elimination of drug use in our society, NOT the proliferation of the use of them. Repeal these laws and the corruption/violence and lawlessness would cease immediately and safety would be able to prevail in our communities once more, instead of Black Hawk helicopters.

The 24 minute version can be accessed at the Current's website as a podcast on the Current part Two hosted by Jim Brown (just click the title of this post)

OR, you can listen to my version of the conversation below (about 20 minutes longer includes toking and coughing)

The video below shows another kind of police corruption caused by our drug laws. This area on Hastings street is full of hard core drug addicts and this is the way police treat these people because the government says that they can via the CDSA. The woman pushed to the ground by a Vancouver Police Officer is actually a 26 year old victim of Cerebral Palsy(CBC) or MS(CTV) and Police brutality.

Here is my post on the CBC news article:

shatner bassoon wrote:Posted 2010/07/22
at 3:45 PM ET

These cops are goons because Canadians have not been doing their duty to hold their police forces to account. What kind of attitude do you think will develop when you strap guns on these low level agents and allow them to break any law with impunity. This is the "success" of developing a strong armed police state in response to crime manufactured by poor laws such as prohibition. Bad laws corrupt the entire system and foster disrespect in all corners of society.

You can see in the video below that the VPD can't tell the difference between and assault and a consensual fight which they ruled it as:

Also because they can keep on doing it with no concern like this attack against Rainbow John by Constable Blaine Christian #2187 VPD, the police never get to refine their inter personal skills. As long as they can continue to get away with assaults whenever they feel like attacking a citizen they will not change their behavior:

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