Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another Marijuana grow-op found in hidden B.C. vault?

Oh boy these RCMP are good at helping the grow business expand, eh! For every one of these busts 2 new production facilities will be created. This will in turn be guaranteed to produce another even larger photo op for the mounties soon.

All the while there is never the slightest ripple in the flow of good pot on the lucrative black market.

It seems a conundrum: that a substance which has been proven through repeated driving and other tests not to impair people, is beneficial in many health issues and has been labeled a medicine, has never in its entire history killed anyone, can easily be grown in anyone's garden and made valueless is criminalized while alcohol, known to be a lethal, violence producing substance is state protected at the expense of harming harmless people and promoting violent organized crime.

This is total idiocy in the extreme and will continue to harm Canadians far more than any foreign terrorists far into the foreseeable future.

The most unreasonable aspect of this is that every study, test and all leading scientific thought on this problem agrees with me. The proof is evident everywhere in our society and still the lie flies. Why?

Why am I and others harmed for trying to implement a safe paradigm as a solution to this expanding lawlessness? Why is it that the government can never be held to account to prove the validity of its approach or try something new for the benefit of Canadians?

Why is it that they can continue to implement obviously failed policy and yet claim it works? Why is it that reason, science and democratic will do not apply to this statute, the CDSA?

Why is it that I must continue to be burdened with growing lawlessness and organized violent thugs, corrupt police, as a side effect of this failed policy?

This is , BTW, a much greater threat to our public safety, peaceful security as a society as any threat from foreign governments, being an actual mechanism of democracy-freedom of choice/liberty-which will help to stave off any incursions of an authoritarian government by strengthening us as individuals who love the practice of liberty. Citizens who will fight to the death to keep any government from controlling one's state of mind and diet is what freedom of choice, self awareness and regulation will produce.

People who are free and happy in making their own safe peaceful choices will never opt for a foreign totalitarian system. They will not need to be "warned" through vague xenophobic fear inducing comments to be made safe.

People who are free of tyranny, exercising their freedom in a creative enlightening peaceful fashion will never opt for a police state or dictatorship.

People who are trained to allow the government to control their diet and tell them whom to fear, are easy prey to any other tyranny that wishes to, and can, take over.

The kind of tyranny that this law produces is destructive to the Justice system garnering it disrespect, destroying its foundation.

This is a modern day Inquisition based on hatred of the other. Thousands of children wander off due to all kinds of reasons and their parents are never charged with child endangerment. Idiots get to practice hatred with government sanction, and get paid for it as well. Then other morons are fleeced through taxes to support this obnoxious crime causing paradigm.

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