Monday, July 5, 2010

Richard Fadden's moronic comments are a blatant indication of incompetence

This schamazle has been a eye opener to the utter idiocy Canada is burdened with in its most powerful institutions. These comments mark a milestone in in the displaying of the lack of intelligent people in key positions. What was this power besotted braggart doing? He was talking as if he was participating in a coffee clutch at the neighborhood gossip's place spreading unsubstantiated sensitive rumors which he had no business exposing.

Maxim Bernier, Helena Gurgis, Rahim Jaffer are all only the latest symptoms of the serious problems with our level of lack of intelligent leadership. These creeps are corrupt or of incompetent fabric and should not be put into positions of trust.

Here you can see exactly why we have in place the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act destroying our social safety while harming harmless Canadians. These idiots ignore the scientific evidence and insist on political propaganda instead of doing their duty to the citizens. Yes these elected monkeys actually make life worse and more dangerous for our society.

This morning I hear news of a tragic accident on Shuswap Lake. A question was voiced as to whether alcohol was involved.

Let me answer that by relating my Saturday night experience. I did my favorite trip MDMA and Psyloscibin mushrooms and of course plenty of good pot, Jack Herer. I strolled with the White Wolf for 5 hours and was on Commercial drive toking on a bench at bar closing time. I was amazed at the dumbfounding effect of alcohol on display before me. While wonderful creative ideas flitted through my mind, lovely colored patterns enhanced the scene. Conversation came easy my mental machinery was finely honed and quick as i like it. I will never become drunk or supremely stupid again. This is the model the government promotes: it wants its citizens to stay stupid and aggressive by only allowing alcohol to be consumed.

I was at my mental sharpest, enjoying flirting with ladies bantering with their boyfriends who stopped to admire Aloofus. Even if they were not apparently drunk they were not very sharp if you could smell alcohol on their breath. My mind came up with spontaneous humor that had them laughing or debating with me. I was far from being impaired on my combination of substances. I was in more control and much more aware than the drinkers and yet the government makes me the criminal for my safe choices. This is a truly dangerous moronic paradigm.

All I can say is "Mr Harper and the drug war mongers are actually the terrorists we are influenced mostly by" The responsibility for this is shared by a major swath of morons who believe these liars and trust them in the face of all the displayed incompetence continually being exposed.

I have told people that there is no way I will ever knuckle under to plain idiocy and march with the morons. My foundation is the truth and I will stand on it until my last breath, no matter if they jail me forever. I was born with superb mental machinery and nature and God demands I use it, to do my duty to the rest of my fellow countrymen, by never budging from what I know is the truth by way of reason.

Screw off you dangerous morons who are destroying our peaceful freedom, causing crime, in order to implement their own moral judgments rather than basing their understanding on the facts and evidence.

You are the incompetent idiots that you plainly show us you are Yeah that's you Richard Fadden: the head of intelligence is an idiot and proud of it.

You are what is holding back progress and promoting violent organized crime, the proliferation of drugs and a pervasive disrespect for the laws. I am so glad I got to tell these criminals face to face in the meeting of the Justice committee.

Most people I talk to believe as I do: that in my blatant attempts to demonstrate the example of control and regulation to repeal the prohibition laws, the courts agreed with me and therefore did not punish me. The government lost.

From the experiences I had with the Justice System, I have taken away the message that what I did was necessary and part of a citizen's duty. I see no reason to be ashamed of what I have accomplished. I continue to follow the path of concerned activism to promote control and regulation as is my responsibility in my community.

I was born with brains. Sorry, I can't become stupid to be politically correct.

Here is the only solution to the problems caused by prohibition. It is simple and practical and based on evidence reason and works well as you see my customers coming to a peaceful safe place to exercise the freedom of choice that they were born with. This documentary shows me at a time I believed in my rights to exercise my freedom, which I still do. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what wee were trying to do and the Judge agreed with me.

Can anyone point out where I was causing a danger to society? The neighboring store owners who complained and with whom the police agreed said that I should close because there is a school within three blocks. That a total non reason founded argument because what i was doing was checking age and the guys who sold only one block closer the school, their turf is being protected by the police and these stupid store owners buying into the lie. They don't check age you fucking goofs and that is why we have a problem. Not in any way shape or form using logic can anyone come to the support of this warped reasoning: that I was the threat to children not the current laws.

The best thing of all is that the Judge agreed with me and gave me no punishment for my efforts to help make a safer community. And now we have a precedent in law that others can point to and claim an argument of doing their duty to the community. It's a large chink in their armor because I already had a conviction for drug dealing as an act of activism.

The crazy guy you see in the video actually beat the government in no small way with the help of his friends.

Someone asked me what Richard Fadden had to do with prohibition. I answer him in the end of the video: It is all "idiocy in the extreme" practiced and supported by people who have proven themselves to be really stupid. Why peoples lives and social peace and safety should be sacrificed to the poor decisions of these obviously poor decision makers and not left to decide by the people themselves is a stunning mystery to me? As I said a thousand times idiots rule us, and this is another example of obtuse thinking in a long procession of idiocy by someone who is paid and tasked to think at a much higher standard. We are counting on him desperately to do better than to try and make a Utube conspiracy video using CBC for no good purpose except to try to inflate the currency of CSIS.


Registrar said...

Hi Bud,

I simply don't see Fadden's comments as indicative of incompetence; do you think he's out to lunch re: China grooming politicians, etc in University clubs? That, to my mind, is one of the most important aspect to all of this: foreign influence in Universities.

If anything, the real "morons" are guys like Don Davies who's grilling Fadden before the House Committee. Don is a great buy, personally, but, well, when Tousaw and Larsen were outed from the NDP, he had every opportunity to say "hey, I did that stuff, too, solidarity, union brothers rah rah rah!" Of course, he didn't, he simply allowed them to be turfed, because clearly he has more important work to do, like slagging Richard Fadden and mugging for TV Cameras.

Fadden's appearance on CBC was unprecedented, and his reply that he "did not know it was going to be broadcast" or words to that effect is...well...I think something is going on, and you know how I like underdogs---I don't see Fadden as having anyone rooting for him in the Mainstream, do you?

As with the drug issue, the mainstream is usually wrong. Consider that the MSM is called fadden similar names as you, albeit for different reasons. Why are they attacking Fadden instead of addressing the issue of Foreign Influence?

bud oracle said...

Thank you for your valid and enlightening perspective. I am on a bit of a tirade i admit but I still don't understand in light of "As with the drug issue, the mainstream is usually wrong." why he chose to expose this complex information to the mainstream first. To the easily led morons as I say it. The only reason, imo, for this reaching out to the masses was a marketing job of some kind with a vague national security link. Something like tokers/the chines are dangerous people. They rape your women subvert the government and and need to be feared.

The vagueness of the accusations tars a broad spectrum of innocent Canadians. To what effect, who is that benefit Canadian Society? It adds unwarranted tension between cultures without adding any positive effect. Why not reveal these circumstances with proof as the perpetrators are being marched into court with charges pending?

And the other thing that I see that bothers me is the narrow focus on the Chinese/Russians trying to influence us through subtle corruption. Why not gain a couple of thousand of meters of perspective and have a look at the real world and our own actions in it.

Aren't we over in Afghanistan having invaded that country and are we not trying to influence their government? Is political pressure at gun point, via election results, and huge corruption less subtle, or kinder or more innocent than what the Chinese are doing here?

I say that if you are marching into foreign lands under a flag of war imposing death and destruction on hundreds of thousands of people, do not other countries have a duty to try to fend off such aggression in lock step with the world's most powerful aggressor? All evidence points to the fact that most likely such aggression will be leveled at them in the future. Is it not their duty to preemptively, peacefully, through coercion to protect their own populations, their own interests?

Why not use our heads instead of xenophobic, fear inducing rhetoric? Why not stay the fuck out of other people's business in the first place and tend to our own. With the correction of stupid decisions being made in a broad spectrum, wars of aggression, prohibition, we might save enough to hire intelligent men and women to protect us from the real threats. Also we would have the moral high ground to come down hard on them with real actions of arrest and prosecution.

If you want to play these games expect others to also play them.

Registrar said...

"Why not use our heads instead of xenophobic, fear inducing rhetoric?"

I think that there is a big difference between China and Chinese. The Chinese people, ethnically, are not the issue. The issue is the Nation of China, which is best thought of as a Corporation.

I do maintain that there must be something going on---it's not like Fadden is a politician looking to win some sort of xenophobic fear vote that doesn't exist. If he were an elected official, I think your critique would be spot-on, but he's not, so I really do want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I would much rather treat the problem here as "how do we make sure there is no foreign influence," rather than "ensuring" that there is no foreign influence by way of demolishing Fadden. So far, the politics and MSM seem to be working fairly directly to discredit Fadden, not so much on investigating his thesis.

bud said...

That's just it:

"So far, the politics and MSM seem to be working fairly directly to discredit Fadden, not so much on investigating his thesis."

It is not the public's job to investigate and ascertain the truth. It is CSIS's to investigate and then proceed in the legal/justice system. Not to let the public know. The Public knowing a rumor does not qualify as being concerned so something gets done. The public, like I do, knows these things are happening in the wide world. We want action in the way of results not vague warnings.

Even if he is not an elected member it doesn't mean he doesn't have political thoughts, aspirations. The way he said what he said is outrageous. It is rumor mongering at the highest level. If he is trying to warn the public about something that the government is trying to bury, then lets have the fucking details. Come clean quite, and write an expose otherwise work within the the proper channels of power.

You'll never see this "brave" man risk even the slightest personal discomfort to help the Canadian public because its is the right thing to do. None of these bureaucrats or government dicks will ever risk anything personal, a day in jail, or a single hardship like the loss of their job for instance to do the right thing.

This statement that he gave, you will find out, is pure unsubstantiated bullshit, a misspeak. An error that he will probably never admit to.

Anyone who doesn't think this is happening "foreign governments are trying to influence our politicians and bureaucrats" is too fucking stupid to have any ability to influence anything in a beneficial way. It is a fact of life, has been going on for all of humanity's existance. That is why we have guys like Fadden, to actually protect us from it.

He is not doing his job properly if he doesn't work in the shadows, and bring about actual results. The vague warnings to the public are the right, responsibility and duty of his political masters to expose. His job is shadow work and results, not rumor mongering.

His job is to dispel rumors with facts and arrests, not create them.

Registrar said...
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