Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally BC Coroner's service to conduct Inquiry over Paul Boyd death

This is the sound track of the above video.
Here is something that I have had a direct involvement in since it began, almost. When I heard the then new Chief Jim Chu obstruct justice on behalf of the shooter on CBC radio, I promptly charged him under the police act. OPCC file # 2007-3940 Sometime later after I failed to receive the first interim report as I had gotten 1st person standing, the police board gave me an unannounced visit and deemed me incompetent to lay the charges.

The police board is controlled by the Chief of the Police and the Mayor (Sullivan). Since then every judge in court has found me very competent, even to the extent that I was deemed capable of holding my own defense. What kind of corruption is it when a citizen can't lay a charge against a cop who has obviously broken the law and obstructed the investigation of a citizen who may have been murdered in police custody?

This fuck up's job required him to say "The matter is still under investigation, therefor I can not comment." There is an obvious reason for this. This is how all police investigations are corrupted, by direction coming from the top to find fellow officers not guilty of anything.

I remember and have a witness as to the statement from the female cop who attended my arrest at the store incident in Feb 2010. She showed me a picture of Chief Jim Chu when I sat in the wagon handcuffed and said. "This is a picture of our chief. We don't like people who don't like the Chief." I asked her, "Is this personal then?" She replied, "You bet it is."

Is that why she lied and said she found Heroin at the store? So that I would be illegally incarcerated on false testimony for two and a half months? You bet this is the reason why cops are not trusted: they lie, are corrupt and deserve every bit of flack these goons are getting.

Why is it that the Crown prosecutors are always on the side of police criminals, instead of looking out for the interests of the citizens of Canada in whose employment they are?
“The VPD did their investigation over a period of about a year,” Eby recalled. “And then it sat at the Crown counsel’s office for another year before they finally decided that they weren’t going to pursue charges or lay charges.”

Excerpt from Straight Talk (click title of this post for link to article)

Here is why you shouldn't use drug propaganda to corrupt the Justice process.

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