Friday, July 16, 2010

The folk music Festival on Jericho Beach beckons

Some of my thoughts on The Mounties' latest debacle: RCMP ignored tip about missing couple's SUV

I don't wish to climb on this wagon because I think that they made a simple but honest mistake. That's something that is allowed in a complex job like this. Of course some of the RCMP's policing skills might lack honing, because of the corruption and rust caused by them focusing on criminalizing gardeners and controlling people's diets due to the CDSA. This shows me that what I have been suggesting might be a good idea: Retrain and refocus all Canadian police forces to enhance their effectiveness in our communities. But before we embark on this course and also gear up complete job performance and personality reviews at sensible intervals, we must repeal laws which go against the principal of Jus and Injuria I sincerely hope the mounties have better luck and find the McCanns. They look like a fine family who don't deserve the grief and Canadians don't need to have anyone in their midst that would hurt his couple. I have met a couple of them in the Remand center whom I wish had less money for lawyers and more encounters with intelligent Judges.

Lately I have been linked to from established news agencies and now somehow I feel obliged to "entertain" the many people from all over the world who actually give a shit about some of the things I do and visit my blog? Utubes. Thanks for stopping by.

I met a lady whom I have known for more than a year now who follows my blog and is as emotionally connected to the issues as I am. I was surprised by her reaction when she threatened not to read me anymore if I didn't stand behind everything I write. I do feel passion about what I write at the moment, but I am also human like the RCMP and get it wrong at times. That is why we need everyone, as many as we can get, connected as often as possible: to get a broader perspective.

That is why I believe that there can be no democracy in a representative system. Only in a direct democracy where each individual holds his own vote can democratic consensus be reached. That means that we are now ready with the sophistication developed in our communications systems and our ability to use them as individuals to embrace the next logical progression in our political understanding.

What is apparent is that the party system destroys the intimate connection people need to determine their own future. When you take a good look at it the mechanics of electing a representative are not necessary in today's world you will find that they allow tyranny by a political party to exist. The only reason that humans stepped back from direct democracy when it was first conceived in ancient Greece, was because countries/cities became to large to allow direct participation and few citizens were sophisticated enough to be able to contribute anything.

If I run as a candidate in the next federal election I would promise to implement "TADD" if I was elected. One thing for sure as their elected member, I would clearly express myself, receive input, perhaps revise my thinking, restate it, while at the same time pointing people to other opinions/perspectives on the matter/bill being voted on in Parliament and then do exactly as my constituents tell me to through their direct democratic input. While in cold Ottawa with the White Wolf (if elected), I would try to form alliances with likewise forward thinking members of government or anyone who cares to for the benefit of our community.

What other role would an elected member have in this parliamentary system if the people actually held the power? All he/she needs to do is facilitate the desires of their constituents, to help clarify things and hopefully lead people in making progressive choices that benefit the community?

You can tell that I am smoking some good Kush this morning combined with a higher than normal number of views in my stats counter.

Thankfully I met a neighbor who clued me in at where Jericho Beach actually is before I wore the White Wolf's legs out. I turned around and wished for some of electric bike that would pull the Wolf in a child chariot, like. We will need it soon enough. We met a few frisky pups today and a 7 month old Samoyed who was not happy with the Wolf's quick display of dominance. What an cute little guy he was barking at Al, but from a distance. Three young ladies stopped and asked as to my dog's heritage. You could see the mix and Al was about double this guys size. Randy I think.

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