Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pickton escaped 1997 charge before murders

While the VPD, RCMP, denied that there was even one serial killer and spent considerable time putting untrue spin on their excuses, the RCMP were actually busy trying to smear me. In an attempt to corrupt an investigation into the charges I had brought against a cop (not RCMP) who had left me seriously injured, crying for help after her Rottweiler had mauled my Sheppard/Husky and myself. Listen to the audio of a true tale below "I trusted the RCMP" and beware of ever trusting a cop. Sorry about the poor quality in the editing. It was one of the first attempts. It is a true part of your policing history, Canada. I am not one bit ashamed over what I did.

Here is the lesson that you should take away from my story if you are a criminal:


These stories are not meant to be used to brag to strangers about how tough you are and cowardly your victim is. I had my priorities and allegiances. No one can ever say that I did not lay my life on the line for my principals. I believed, and still do, that what I did was needed to be done to make my community safer, a business which I am still about.

I grew up being told to trust cops, and somewhere within my core, I know that this is the way things should be in a well policed community. It is a goal I am working towards:

Reformation of our laws, our legal system, and our police forces so that they don't get to support crime, becoming protected criminals getting away with hate crimes.

These are true things that happened in my life alone. Can you imagine the true extent of the corruption out there?

Hints are exposed daily.

The RCMP had time to spend manpower setting up a sting to dissuade me from charging a police officer whose dog injured me and ran into the night when I called to her for help in an attempt to get away, with what? It was an accident, nothing criminal, until she ran! And then the cover up and the lies and then the outing of me for my good deed for my community 13 years earlier.

The RCMP had the time, the manpower, the public funds to fack with me while Willi, and perhaps two other serial killers, were having their fun!

While they were facking with me and others in corrupt policing, these killers racked up another 22 victims. And Canadians are not outraged enough to demand change?

You people are no better than those Germans who allowed the national socialists to come to power in the thirties. Shame on you Mike Howell and other corruption enablers.

My words ring true with real actions based on real events, screw you and your lame bs sell out words.

I have, and continue to, put my life on the line to remain true to my ethical core, my principals. The Judge has seen this (heard this very tale) and your lies have not succeeded in painting me a criminal.

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