Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stockwell Day announces 9.5 billion funding for jails while crime stats drop?

According to this nut unreported crimes are on the increase. He knows this how?

These guys are empty, bereft of facts and don't have the ability to make logical statements. It is all about perception and how well they have duped the Citizens with their bullshit, isn't it. And Canadians are dumb enough to swallow it.

According to Professor Irwin Waller of the University of Ottawa? book "Less Law more Order" who was being interviewed by Stephen Quin On the Coast, CBC Radio One @ 3:20 PM today on this issue.

To the question posed by Stephen "Then this statement doesn't make sense on any level?" the Professor replied "No it doesn't"

Yeah he agrees with me:
"These guys are empty, bereft of facts and don't have the ability to make logical statements."

Later in this program a pundit put it plainly: Every time these Cons get into a bit of political trouble they drag out this hard on crime agenda. They never actually implement it. It is only a political show pony, imo. Something to be whipped publicly to take the attention off the dumb statements their ministers make.

I do make more sense than Stockwell Day while high on 3 hits of LSD

Stockwell is a personal fan of my "nice hat" (his words as you can see), bud crown, so I can't be too harsh on him.

Have it your way. I will not let my harmless friends be tyrannized, brutalized over their diets. In the end I will do whatever it takes to come against the goons enforcing diets. You want Mexico up here?

Lets have it.

Closed courts, invisible trials and more jails to fill by making laws contrary to good order. Some Canadians will stand up with arms to keep this police state from happening and even be willing to lay down their lives.

The cops can't even do their jobs of investigating a burned out motor home properly, yet they will be enforcing diets.

Over my dead body, Harper.

My post as Shatner bassoon was published under the article with the parliamentary link in it.

shatner bassoon wrote:Posted 2010/08/04
at 10:40 AM ET

They are the organized crime. We told them this and they did not disagree.

The words of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society will remain true as long as Canada is a nation. It is their failed policy which causes the black market to flourish. I loved speaking the truth to their ignorant, smug faces, too.

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I Just heard Claire Martin speaking the truth about climate change. Why does no one wonder about the Forest fire extremes, the heat wave in Ontario? Monsoon rains? Isn't this a bit of the frog (us) in the slowly heating pail of water. The Last ten years as she said have been the warmest on record.

Global warming is not a conspiracy! It is documented fact. The oil did actually gush into the Gulf for months. New Orleans did actually drown. I am a scientist and can accurately evaluate facts from fiction. Plus I have sixty years of direct observation to rely on and you can tell me until you are blue in the face that this is a conspiracy without me flinching at your idiocy. I feel the rate of change personally and can not deny my senses. Having been a soaring pilot and intimately connected with the weather, I have confidence in my understanding.

Personally I have cut my carbon footprint down to next to nothing as feel that if others can try to restrict my consumption of plants, then I demand a restriction on everyone's appetite for fossil fuels, as their addictions harm me personally more than mine does them. Long before i let this kind of tyranny harm me i will take appropriate defensive actions to save my life.

I challenge brave men and women to draw a line in the sand and procure self defensive knowledge and tools.

Defend your families yourselves even to the death before you allow this kind of National Socialism to rule!

This is not about pot, it is about people who might wish to organize in order to retain their liberty. They will be labeled gangs, organized crime, if not terrorists.

When you find this out you will also understand who the jails are for.


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Here is another well read blog post as shatner bassoon on this news article

B.C. RCMP seize 23,000 pot plants

Well done plant Gestapo!

I wish that the missing women along the highway of tears received more attention.

Perhaps the RCMP can take up what they are good at full time, give up the buffalo patch and go for some fine buds flanking some mushrooms or something.

Then we could hire a real police force to better serve us in the area of real crime.

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