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Listening to the radio is a favorite way of taking in information for me. I can apply more mental focus on what is being said to judge the accuracy of it, without the visual stream distracting me.

The pre press release MP#3 (recorded by mic--sorry) in which a Grand Chief, Stewart Phillips, speaks so eloquently, we see a concentration on what is the real continuing systemic problem. In the full hour combined press release and call-in show to follow, callers (except one-off duty cop perhaps?) want an accounting and are tired of the shoddy political bullshit which causes poor Canadians to continue to be marginalized, and the control of dangerous addictive substances given over to organized crime to whom cops go to get their policing done.

Listen to the pre press release here:

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People are dying while former guilty politicos like Mayor Phillip Owens, former Coroners/Movie makers-now big shot senators, Larry Campbell, drunk driver-Gordo "smily" Campbell et al, telling British Columbian Canadians that they are protecting us with their failed policies and institutions.

Listen to the Press Release and live call in show here

Or download the entire One hour recording in several formats from Audio Archive

Of course the RCMP can't comment

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VPD investigative Report Video

Key findings

* Vancouver police should have recognized earlier that a serial killer was preying on women in the city's Downtown Eastside, but management failed to recognize that reality. A bias against sex workers was partly to blame.
* When the force appointed a team to review missing women cases, that unit lacked resources, training and leadership.
* Vancouver police and the RCMP received information in 1998 and 1999 from a number of sources suggesting Pickton was behind the disappearances. That should have prompted more vigorous investigation of him and his farm in Port Coquitlam.
* Those sources included a tipster who told police in July 1999 that Pickton kept a "special freezer" in a barn on his property, where he served strange meat the informant believed was human. The tip was largely ignored.
* When Kim Rossmo, a geographic profiler with the Vancouver Police Department, suggested a serial killer was responsible for the women's disappearances, his analysis was dismissed.
* RCMP took over the investigation in 1999 and at first pursued the case intensely, but that progress soon slowed, and the case remained dormant for months.
* RCMP interviewed Pickton in January 2000, but the interview was conducted by officers without extensive interrogation experience or a detailed plan, and they didn't involve Vancouver police.
* During that interview, Pickton consented to a search of his farm, but the RCMP didn't take him up on the offer.
* Despite its own failings, the RCMP failed to correct the public perception that Vancouver police were primarily to blame for botching the Pickton investigation.

'I wish we could have caught this monster sooner and saved more lives.'—Doug LePard, Vancouver police deputy chief

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Deputy Chief Doug LePard is in my Police board video. He is the one who gave the order to leave me alone when I was rolling the joint.

Description of the so called unreliable witness Jane Doe, who if taken seriously by the Regional Crown Prosecutor's Office might have stopped 22 more murders from happening.

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