Friday, August 20, 2010

With 28,000 Killed Since 2006, Movement for Drug Legalization in Mexico Takes Hold

It is an insult to humanity that the USA keeps pushing for death and destruction in its phony war on drugs, globally. President Obama is continuing this idiocy of the American foreign policy. Isn't it time to pick up some tools of liberty and freedom and stake our future on our own democratic independence and peaceful social solutions? Rather than keep on bowing to the mad elephant, the USA?

Just look at the fat chuckling cops cutting down plants, playing with bears in this video and then tell me that these lazy slugs are doing Canadians good. Aren't they traitors to Canadian sovereignty and purveyors of violent American Imperialism, being paid by Canadian tax payers? Shouldn't they be regarded as nuisance cops and meet the same fate as they want for the bears? (Someone just asked me what I meant by that. My preferred method is humane entrapment and removal of the problem)

These people think that it is alright to work with the Hells Angels and have their problems solved extra judicially. These are grounds to overthrow the system or perish in the slavery of a police state. I beseech those who are concerned for the future of their offspring to do the right thing and stand for something so that Canadians don't suffer what the Mexicans are going through.

Look at the fat fucks in the video and any pictures of cops at "work," enjoying their jobs harassing people whom we would never have heard of otherwise, old women who feed bears! If these cops didn't have the excuse provided by the CDSA to oppress peaceful people, then, these lazy drug-law-addicted incompetents might actually have to learn to do good policing, wouldn't they?

Like I told the moron law fixer for cops, Sgt Ralph Kaiser, when he was busy painting over the assault perpetrated by Blaine Christian on Rainbow John in January, "You will have Mexico's drug wars up here." He laughed at me wearing my prison reds and no doubt felt very superior. It's here now you fat fucking idiot. And you have helped it come here by perverting the rule of law.

The picture in the post is not of Rainbow John, but another one of the many victims murdered by Canadian Police forces, Robert Knipstrom. (the shocking video of his death has been removed so that Canadians can be spared the truth about the torture/killings of Canadians). This one needed to be beaten to death because he was high on Ecstasy, the mounties claimed. It is people like Sgt. Kaiser, Sgt Jeff Rice, Sgt. Teressa Buckal, who always let them off. This causes the eradication of the rule of law and therefore makes the outlaws the "law/justice system" that the police need to go to.

I have noticed that the Mexican prisoners at the remand center were regarded with the respect due them. No more the name calling "wetbacks and spicks" of only a few years ago. These guys mean business compared to our rich gangsters. The cops, and their pals the HA, will finally get some real freedom fighter, drug money fueled, anarchist opposition in a land where the law of the gun rules: Canada. They will start to fall like the deadwood that they are. Canadians will have the blood bath they deserve for not getting off their collective asses and doing something to preserve their democracy.

There is no rule of law here, because our cops go to the Bikers to get a contract on a problem member of the HA.

It will soon also be time for real patriots to stand up and take out the garbage, the vacuum for real power up here is great. This black hole of lawlessness is being currently filled by serious third world gangsters who see no real opposition to their violent lawlessness up here. They won't blink and the lead will fly some more.

Very soon you will see it happening here in full Mexican swing, mark my words morons. You will learn the hard way that poor laws serve no one and that a nation's destiny, peaceful independence, is not worth preferred trade status.

To trade social justice for an uninterrupted flow of trinkets is a bit much to ask of me, how about you?

I was first turned on to this shocking video in the Forums of Cannabis Culture. I find the information stimulating very often with intelligent input being the norm.

Here is a humorous take on our fat cops and Bears having fun at something which is actually destroying our society. Just as surreal as the real story was, so is my original marijuana enhanced take on it.

Spin is spin!

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