Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some lighter moments in the interests of education

This cartoon video and the others portray the idiocy forced on us, very well. Without mentioning anything about drugs it holds up our idiocy in the mirror. The rap video shows you real human beings tortured by the State over a plant.

How about this cartoon based on a true story of Dock Ellis pitching a no hitter on LSD

How true the following video is:

Click title for all 5 videos in total.

Why wouldn't Dock Ellis be able to pitch a no hitter? I make more sense while high on LSD than Stockwell Day, a minister of the government does, while at his job.

Willi Pickton was let off and 22 more women were murdered because the Crown prosecutors believed their own propaganda that drug users are unreliable witnesses.

Better include ministers of the government on that unreliable/irrational list, too!

In fact Rahim Jaffer was in the federal cabinet and using the same drugs this "unreliable" witness was.

What about the old drunk driver we have as the Premiere of our Province, Gordon Campbell?

It was not the job of the Crown Prosecutor to second guess what a Judge or jury might think of someone's veracity when a serious crime such as murder is attempted. The Crown prosecutor is usurping the right of the community to rid itself of dangerous people, while it perpetrates harm on harmless people for the diets they choose. This they also do when the prosecutors fail to charge the police with crimes that they commit. The law society has a true monopoly of the Justice system by preemptive decision making. This is as much folly as GWB's preemptive strike

Tyranny is practiced contrary to the will of the community and the right to our safe, harmonious, existence.

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