Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am seeking answers at the Paul Boyd Inquiry called by BC Coroner

The following is my email to the Chief Coroner:

Dear Diane Rothon,

I have formerly laid Obstruction of Justice charges against the Chief of Police in this matter

I am adamant that we live in a country where the rule of law applies. After Justice was denied me in this and other serious matters, I felt so strongly about the corruption, that I withdrew my consent to be governed by the criminal organization known as Canada.

I have also appeared on behalf of Justice matters before the parliament of Canada as head of our own society.

I am seeking a resolution as to why my charge was disallowed by the very person I charged under the police act in this matter. No Judge has ever found me incompetent, even to the point of being able to handle my own defense.

Thank you for calling this inquiry in the interests of Justice.

Chief Justice
Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society
Bud the Oracle

Klaus Kaczor
Under which name I filed the complaint

Why not send her a few emails, make a few calls, to encourage my matter be handled appropriately?

Chief Coroner's Office

Dr. Diane Rothon, Chief Coroner

Metrotower II Suite 800 - 4720 Kingsway

Burnaby, B.C. V5H 4N2

Phone: 604 660-7745

Facsimile: 604 660-7766


Auto response of receipt of message

Thank you for your inquiry. This response is to confirm that we have
received your e-mail. Please do not reply to this message as we will
reply directly to your request as soon as possible.

Here is someone interest in the "seat" of power. I wonder what lame excuse they will come up with for the next installment of obstruction of Justice and denying me an answer.

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This propaganda smearing all drug users as incompetent has got to stop standing in the way of Justice

This thread was posted during the time I charge Jim Chu in the Paul Boyd matter. I am not interested in revising any of it. Some of these insights have been proven prophetic. In my opinion I am not incompetent in any way but rather I have some great logic on display.

Below is a description of Jane Doe as a witness. I heard it on BC Almanac on the day of the press release of the VPD investigation into the missing women


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I don't want to seem a spoil sport but to the guy spamming this comment forum, if you don't clue in soon I will send your info to the service provider. First off we use English to communicate here, because that is the language I post in. Second,, you want to ride on my coattails for some kind of monetary gain, yet can't see that I deny myself the monetary gain gain by not putting advertising on here. The reason is I wish to be an unadulterated activist blog, so fuck off and find your own way to make a living you fucking leach

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