Monday, August 16, 2010

VPD works with the Hells Angels to make us "safe"

Threats and intimidation

Here is what your fucking drugs and substances act does!

Just got a call from a best western number. A guy saying "What's your fucking problem? What's it to you?"

Here is what it's to me: I'll not be fucked with by goons, either cops or gang bangers and take it.

I want to live in a country where people don't get murdered on the streets and threatened over a choice of diet's.

Guess what, it doesn't scare me one bit! Make my fucking day asshole. I have a right to express myself in a democracy. So fuck right off!

If I am found dead tomorrow no one will know who done it, either the gangs or the cops and then the cops will get to "investigate."

I'll be glad to be on that final DMT trip away from this planet of stupid, violent, monkeys.

My words will remain in the Parliamentary record. Eventually my goal will be accomplished and one day people will realize that my sacrifice will have saved many lives and given liberty to a generation.

Much better than an Order of Canada, a club of more than a few criminals and liars.

Are cops anywhere, any different than other thugs wearing colors and guns?

Video of Denver Police Save Society From Another Dangerous Citizen

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