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We hope for a "Meager Creek Moment"

As I mentioned in the CC forums post under the LEAP article (click title link) The Meager Creek slide reveals some of the facts of nature about changes in our environment. Having a morning "Creative Toke" I explained how I thought that prohibition might disappear all of a sudden, as such cataclysmic events as this slide do. Nature has a way of accelerating what seems like a glacial pace of change, Geologically speaking, with such dramatic punctuations, occasionally.

I did this in response to a disheartened poster who thought the exclusion of LEAP at a conference was a setback of some kind. People tend to forget that in this world things are complex and not linear. While an edifice may seem substantial, "rock hard," it may actually be on the brink of annihilation.

In the previous blog post I ask the obvious question which all regular > (State controlled) media has scrupulously avoided asking.

"Has the VPD, by going to the HA for the solution to this guy as a problem, abdicated the rule of law, given over control, to the bikers?"

After first, through the idiocy of Prohibition, creating these violent organizations based on criminal enterprise, over a freedom of choice issue, the cops now work hand in hand with them, even to the extent of eradicating all political activism which attempts to repeal the CDSA.

Check out the videos of myself and the cameraman being arrested after being assaulted by an organized crime drug enforcer. This proof was seen by a Judge. The cop (seen in the video # 2571) had no answers as to why, when I asked him on the stand, he didn't focus on the assailant who disappeared into a drug house in operation for more than a decade.

Do the media here not know this? > Not fucking likely!

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No regular media has ever touched that fact here in Vancouver!

Why? Because of the TARGET that they would make themselves out to be from both sides. No one has the jam to tell the truth here in this fucking Criminal Organization known as Canada. Harper/Ignatief only wants to spout more lies to create more of this. Why?

See how quickly this news item fell off all the regular media's radar? No one wants to have to explain the obvious, do they?

Just who does rule our society?


Yes people have warned me to be careful. It is everyone else who should be careful here.

Whatever happens, I am the one who remains strong in my foundation of community service and doing the right thing no matter what the danger. This is the goal of someone who cares for his fellow humans and the future of society. Whatever happens is part of destiny and not my concern. I only do the bidding of the forces of good, and from there gain my strength and happiness.

Should someone in this "dual/twin headed serpent" Gang, which is the law in Vancouver, decide that "Gangland Justice" be my reward, I have no regrets, and will not be intimidated. Bring it on! Make my day!

A long time ago I realized that there is an inevitable end to life, and that life matters only in the free, untrammeled by fear, expression of it: in the living.

Any move against me personally would underscore my veracity and the accuracy of my perceptions and would be a losing chess move in the overall scheme of things. That is if smart people are in charge. Of course we know that corruption rules here in Canada, but still anyone with the slightest smarts would make sure that I didn't become a martyr. I would hope.

None the less, this is the way things are, because we made it so with our insistence on the failed policy of prohibition

I will make a porch video on this today.

All is quiet on the organized crime news front today in La La Land. Let's just stick our heads in the sand and let it happen, eh CTV, CBC?

Well fuck you, there is an alternative today and more people are turning to it for the real news. The fissures in the edifice of tyranny are expanding and soon, imo, we will have a "Meager Creek Moment."

You have to shake your head in amazement that Canadians are so duped by their media, that although they have had the facts, the news clips of the VPD relinquishing authority to the Hells Angels, since April of this year and now the resultant murder, no one is getting excited. This is because the Media has not added it up for the dupes yet, as they must now be spoon fed every tidbit, having trained the Canadian population to believe ALL THE LIES and nothing else.

I am going to make a porch side video about this idiocy of allowing a organized crime gang to handle anti social criminal behavior and then returning the favor by keeping HA drug turf inviolate. How many other hits in the lower mainland were Police requested during the last few years?

Shouldn't we at least get a uniform, a VPD crest, or a Buffalo patch combination for the HA like Blackwater has, make it look like they are part of the state machinery?

Fuck you, if you think I will belong to a society where the police look to the HA to solve their problems and then help them out to keep their drug turf from political interference. I have drawn a line in the sand

Right around the time the VPD were putting their spin in the media about going to the HA for help, Staff Sergeant Ralph Kaiser visited me in the North Fraser Remand center. He was investigating the complaint about Rainbow John's assault we had put in at the OPCC. I told him that if things didn't change soon that we would have Mexico style drug wars up here with the cops and criminals being the same thing. He smiled knowingly, like the dimwits all cops are, and shook his head and said, "never." Well you stupid fuck, this paradigm has been here for a long time already. And you are a big part of why it is here, because you are the one helping cops break the laws everyday

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Here is a thread I posted two years ago on Topix. In it I have forewarned about about the circumstances of prohibition and its corruption of police, and all our institutions while giving power to the violent criminal organizations.

Here is a trio of excellent Letters to the Editor by Jodie Emery, Nicole, Nicole Seguin, Russell Barth in response to the National Post article entitled "National Post: An ineffective way to fight crime" about the Conservative crime Agenda on Cannabis culture forums.

And here is my Utube video on the above matter

Here is a map of the Homicides in the Lower Mainland during the last year CBC

Does no one see that this death rate in the lower mainland is much higher than the battle fields of Afghanistan?

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