Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally: prostitution laws struck down by Ontario court

The CBC Documentary "Meeting John" produced by Aziz Sindhu (listen to embedded podcast of documentary) stirred up my juices to write this blog post "Meeting John The Current Aziz Sindhu" which has garnered many views, some from the Ontario Government, the federal government Justice department and even the House of Commons. I am confident that perhaps even the judge in the case reviewed it and hopefully it may have helped to sway her in this act of justice, allowing people normal safety rather than condemning them to the life of illegal victims, to be preyed upon by perverts and criminals, in order to satisfy someone's personal morality views.

This will happen for drug users too! Why we should be harassed by the government for our choices and made criminals, is beyond reason.

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So I suspect that my RATIONAL VIEWS ARE SINKING IN. And no matter how much the government wants me and others to live their lies, they can fuck right off. God gave me a brain and I will use it to choose my own diet and help others achieve that goal as well. You can fuck right off Mr. Nicholson, Harper, and stick your perverted morals where the sun don't shine. I won't be needing a lawyer to challenge these absurdities the next time around so make my fucking day.

Here is a logical argument you anal orifices might wish to consider.

The news is that the Federal government will appeal this ruling. It is just like the Conservative bullshit artists to put their personal moral views before the safety of Canadians who might choose, in practice of their freedom, to operate under their own morals.

I hope the supreme court has the balls to stand up for the safety of these women in the year 2010. Get the fucking government out of our personal lives or suffer the complete breakdown of the rule of law, morons.

In the segment on The National CBC (at about 4 minutes 50 seconds into the video on Judge Susan Himel's ruling, Joanne McGarry, speaking for the Catholic Civil Rights League, suggests she knows, and has a right to speak for, what a "vast majority of Canadians" want (about 6 minutes and 20 seconds into the video).

Why does the reporter not challenge this with "And how do you know this?" By giving this propagandists a voice and having no one to balance it, such as I, speaking for the average peaceful substance user who is trying to live in a safer free community and doesn't want our morals dictated to us by others. I loved seeing how happy Valerie Scott, Terri-Jean Bedford, and the sex trade workers were during the interview. Maybe soon we will have a "rare" but important victory for prohibition repeal, too! As a friend put it today, "Why should these women be put at risk and killed as a model/example so other people's children think that sex trade is wrong? Teach your own children, your own fucking morals without risking other people's lives you fucking morons!

Why didn't the reporter ask her what she thought of the morality of the priests sexually abusing many children, and why the church enabled it by failing to act/report as the law required, and why the church kept on providing these perverts with fresh victims by moving them to a different parishes without warning them?

I wish to fuck these people would do some good in their own institutions before "cleaning up" my house. I like the mess I live in and don't wish to control the closed minded idiocy that they have. Unless it impacts me or others.

This is a post from the Calgary Herald Web article:

May the Judge have a Bawdy house open right next door to her home(s).

Read more: http://www.calgaryherald.com/Prostitution+laws+unconstitutional+Ontario+court/3591454/story.html#ixzz10uOUIiJP

This comment belongs to the type of moron stupid enough to think that they know something about solving the world's problems. It is precisely because they are illegal and uncontrolled, not what they will become--legitimate businesses which must comply to city zoning--that brings the problems. This person is thinking backwards and we as a nation have been listening to these idiots for too long.

On the Current this morning, Sept 29/10 - Pt 1: Prostitution Laws, we had the moralists come out and cry "the sky is falling." They keep on saying that there is so much money in it. The cops in Toronto are saying that they are concerned about the prostitutes. If there is so much money in it than there is no stopping it. This is how the cops really feel about these people:

Canadian cops have no respect for and are never held responsible for crimes against the citizens whom they "serve." These goofs are liars both in court and in the media, who don't know how to perform their jobs properly, let alone advise on social policy

The "political experts" keep on holding up Sweden as a model. In Canada there has been absolutely no studies, no research and no expertise on the subject. The parliamentarians have never been concerned enough about these women to actually commission some research. Now they are engaged because of the political scene that this judicial decision has dumped in their laps. These moralists have never before lifted a finger, spent a dime, in concern for these women other than to help make them powerless victims who are available to be preyed upon. They don't care about them, only the political fallout which might impact them at the next election. Not one stitch of effort has been expended to investigate this in a non political manner.

Here is a real expert's research and opinion based on it. Professor John Lowman

It is the same idiocy to see that although the people don't want pot prohibition after almost a century of lies and fear mongering, it is put on them.

Our bodies belong to us not the fucking state!

It is not the business of others to determine a "common view of morality." So fuck off with your shit statistics and stick them where the sun don't shine!

Where is the democracy in Canada where not even one shred of debate is allowed to surface to pretend that it is the will of the people to keep prohibition. Why? Because the government is part of a lucrative criminal empire governed not by the electorate, but by corporations, including the alcohol industry (the sky would fall if they couldn't sell their poison and people started to grow the happy flower.)

It is the only naturally known substance the can help this herd of crazy aggressive monkeys become peaceful. How could you have slavery, greed and war if humans became peaceful creatures? No, let's guard against that for sure. That would be dangerous. Very dangerous.We need to stop that even if it means that we build up organized crime so that we have to ask the gangs to help us with the policing. At least the dangerous stuff. All so these busybody do gooders can pretend that their priests are not perverts, but from god, that Jews are somehow better than Nazis, THAT AMERICA HAS THE RIGHT TO EXPORT HEGEMONY THROUGH ITS DRUG WAR SCAM...

Democracy as we know it is a scam and we are foisting it on other nations with war. Are you fucking people daft or what? To send your kids over for the scam of patriotism? I sure hope they get all the dumb ones riled up over some hate scam for some poor country like Iran and launch a nuclear strike, press the button depopulate the planet of the idiots soon. They are overwhelming in number. We really do need a cull soon and an asteroid sized impactor may be too late to do it naturally before the life cycle of Gia is forever harmed by this contentious herd of killer monkeys.

Here once again is The Flower

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