Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wally Oppal to head Pickton investigation inquiry?

What a fucking scam!

There has been a denigration of me personally by the BC Government as they denounced some of Bill Vanderzam's supporters of using rude offensive language as bloggers. I'll get the audio from the CBC news clip up when the Wolf and I get back from our jaunt. But, suffice to say that, I believe anything said on the internet is way less rude than allowing your police officers to foul up an investigation to the point that 2 dozen women lost their lives to political dithering. How rude is it to never hold a cop accountable for murdering a citizen, even if it is caught on video and they are proven to be lying?

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you will hear me calling you by the fuck-up handles that you deserve, for allowing this mess of corrupt poor government to perpetuate at the cost of community safety and harmony. A world of lawlessness, because of your mismanagement and outright corruption.

Me rude? for using foul language? I have never hurt anyone for political expediency or to cover up for my friends. I have actually risked my life to remove a multiple murderer from society. So fuck right off, you jerks! Spricket24 says it well for me.

I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS TORTURE AND BULLSHIT ANYMORE. THE LONGER THESE ASSHOLES KEEP DICKING AROUND AND SCAMMING US WITH LIES THE MORE VOCAL AND CREATIVE I WILL BE LAUNCHING MY INTERNET SALVOS. NOWHERE ON THE CANADIAN POLITICAL HORIZON ARE PEOPLE EVEN TAKING ABOUT REAL SOLUTIONS TO EVER GROWING REAL VIOLENT PROBLEMS WITH EVER YOUNGER CHILDREN BECOMING LAWLESS AND DRUG ADDICTED SO THAT THESE FUCKS CAN PLAY THEIR BULLSHIT GAMES. If Wally Oppal really wanted to do something for natives and women he would allow them to control their own lives and not force them to die like dogs addicted in the gutters by the hundreds so that his sacred court system could torment people over health issues. His mind has suffered lock jaw somewhere around the time he left law school.

He sees solving all social problems with the Justice system. Period. Little white girls lead him to pursue harassment through targeted prosecution of a religious sect which he doesn't agree with, no one has ever been killed, but he doesn't care about the hundreds of addicts and alcoholics dying on the streets. Not as long as the laws provide lawyer feed for the BC law society graduates who will have a monopoly on the laws, no oversight and forever hide behind the cops whom they protect as prosecutors from being charged, like any good criminal organization with its own Kangaroo court system. Why do you think we never have any criminal prosecution of cops? Because they are always innocent? And holy fuck, should a 15 year old post some news he wasn't supposed on the internet, the charges come quick and heavy.

The internet was conceived and implemented by my kind! The rude drug users. Not the anal police types. It was placed here by psychedelics mind expanded geniuses, so that everyday Joes, Buds like me, could tell these assholes to fuck off over and over again. So that we could keep on changing the world. It is idiocy not to use this tool for change and resort to explosive belts.

What the BC Liberals don't like is on the mark criticism, so they attack the messenger as being rude. I am not getting paid to spin bullshit like these ministers of the government and I have a half life beyond living lies. I must go forth and express myself to anyone and everyone who will stop to hear the truth. Funny, not many call me rude for being a blogger and saying things the way they need to be said when I meet someone that has been to my blog. They thank me for it.

Whose an idiot? John Baird?

What you hear from the government is an attack on free speech disguised as a wish for civility. Give me the fucking rule of sane laws and I will tone down my language forthwith, assholes! Just like Obama criticizes the president of Iran for saying that the American Government was behind 911. He never once denied it, did he? Fuck off you gullible idiots, learn the difference between spin and fact, before you voice you opinions. The fact that there is an Inquiry, already means no one is actually going to pay any price for fucking up, rather they will be rewarded with lucrative employment, testifying and lying on the stand

At least Clark had the integrity to resign over the poor decisions, leading to a scandal that he made, but this goof ball, Gordo Campbell, who made the poor decision to drive drunk and risk the lives of people on the road, has the temerity to continue on and give us a corruption laden government concerned with pleasing its wealthy friends while it scams us on a new tax, deceitfully, against the wishes of the electorate. Fuck you and your rude actions, assholes!

What we are doing, us rude bloggers, is voicing the opinions of thousands who want a change: call it a revolution. Just because now we the people have a platform that isn't media and government controlled, you wish to denigrate us while ensconced in your cozy taxpayer funded positions, because we are having an impact. Use your power funded by the public to quell the voice of your disgruntled citizens

Vanderzam is running a grassroots campaign with real, concerned, non professional, politically aware people. They are individuals free to use their own language, not controlled by any party whips in a free democracy and it is about time a few voices got up the guts to say it like it really is. It is necessary to be rude to these corrupt tyrants for causing murder and mayhem to happen through shoddy on the job performance by those the government hired to do a good job policing, prosecuting and Judging, so they will wake the fuck up and we get better performance. They don't want to put any mechanisms of accountability into their corrupt system which they have an iron grip on, so being a little rude should be part of the safety mechanism that keeps people from becoming violent. They are actually lucky the internet snuffs/dissipates what could potentially be the passionate fuse to armed revolution in a foregone era.

Like the scam about this Pickton inquiry being neutral as Wally Opal claims. Yeah, when pigs fly!

Here is one of the very participants of this travesty, Phillip Owen Former Mayor of Vancouver/head of the police Board responsible for this tragic loss in human life and vast sums squandered due to poor policing. He first argues against the Inquiry last month, but now that it is being held by Wally Opal, the great political fixer, who was rejected by the voters last time around because he was to apolitical, all is well again. Seeing as this great linear thinking ultra conservative very political old boy jurist is going to head it, and he knows all the perpetrators personally, all is safe, eh?

Maybe you just don't get it yet, there are many like me who are no longer gonna march to your tune. We will have our rights too, like the blacks the natives, the gays and the gamblers, and the alcoholics.

We are through believing your bullshit!

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