Monday, September 13, 2010

It looks like the First Free Roaming Oracle of modern times has arrived, eh CBC?

What I said to my prof at the Sauder School of Business when I took the Entrepreneurship 101 outreach course in 2005 has finally come true! I told this lovely woman that all I wanted to be was the first free roaming Oracle of modern times. Although I did do well with my more acceptable book project "Soaring and the Art of Umbrella flight," I have finally learned in life that if you really, really want something you really have to go after it.

So when you google these different topics and issues of our times ("Eileen Mohan," "Lori Douglas," "Chief Jim Chu Obstruction Justice") you will find that if I have an opinion on something, it will likely rival that of CBC, or any of the lesser Media whores in the Search Engine Optimization paradigm. This is the great equalizer in today's news and opinions on it, game! Not grand edifices cast in concrete

This to me is remarkable because I wanted to become the voice of "stoner grandpas" like me who do Psychedelics regularly and have something to say against the machine.

Barely 5 five short years later!

I wanted to, and now, I am Wu Li dancing!

All of my writing and creative stuff is done under the influence of mind altering substances, including like now, on LSD, and I have the same voice as the mighty many peopled monolith known as the CBC on the cyber megapipe. My stuff is amateur, done without a budget, all of it off the cuff. I am, after all, a first year university drop out with no writing classes of any kind, only a long history of Psychedelic drug use that according to the government should have made me a blathering idiot.

And that is perhaps what I am: an idiot savant.


So stick it up your asses you medias like Can West, Global and CBC. I realize you did me a real favor by not giving me space in your rags of little value. Tanks!

I have learned, like the clever little monkey I am, to use this little hammer called the internet.

Who the fuck needs you to have a say, eh?

Not me!

(My stuff is uncensored for government nice speech, too! I can say, "fuck you," to anyone, in exactly the way I want to express it!)

Someone has to counter this bullshit: Gummie bears laced with LSD a new trend: RCMP Because LSD is easily dosed in a known concentration in liquid form by the drop, since its use in the sixties it has been creatively dispensed in sugar cubes, blotters, micro tabs and gummie bears. What this story shows us is how clueless the RCMP is and how propaganda minded they are immediately painting on the linear conclusion: Gummie bears? "Why they must be for kids"

Yes some of these are likely for kids you lying facking goons, because of the prohibition laws these are marketed to kids and not to adults. Why not tell us how much of a dose each gummie bear contained in a lab report and then we can ask experts in the field if there is enough of the drug in each bear to harm a child or not. The dosage on the street level LSD today seems to be designed not to harm children, like holistic medicines in that there is almost no trace of the active ingredient in a hit.

Here is some more on the LSD laced Gummie Bears in a thread on Cannabis culture Forums New Trend in Drug Trafficking

Here is why we need to keep "chipping away" at the oppressors, because their position is precarious. Noam Chomsky:

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