Monday, October 18, 2010

Health Canada Exemption to possess Psychedelic substances as Requested by the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society

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(video of document preparation and sending to follow)

The video might be a while because I was assaulted by two thugs at the post office who claimed to be security officer but refused to show ID. Can you imagine the idiocy of putting post offices under the control of pharmacists who don't understand that they are a public place, they can't refuse service, they have their cameras recording and people can record the use of the service with a recording device. We will put up the thugs soon in a feature about how these untrained heavies want to threaten, order people around, and place hands on people without first showing proof of their authority.

Thugs from top to bottom are those who presume to pass in Canada, for security. The old guy at the counter calling us crazy for demanding the rule of law is the problem in Canada. He thinks good order should be above the right of unidentified thugs to actually assault us, while claiming that they are lawful security. The law requires that as someone identifies themselves as a security officer, before you have to take them as one, they must allow you to see and record their proper ID. If they don't they are criminals strong arming you. The next time a thug tries that on me I might use the camera in my hand to record his actions and serve a civil suite against his employer for not properly training their agents and him for assault.

Here is a comment from a friend revealing an interesting perspective on how duplicitous the courts are concerning Alcohol, Juel Ross Stanton

From the article you posted...

As part of his other release conditions, Stanton is banned from entering any licensed establishment to drink, though he can indulge in alcohol at home. He is prohibited from being in the area bordered by Cordova, Broadway, Manitoba and Clark.

Subtle point...but see how alcohol is/was obviously a problem for this guy Stanton - yet he can go home and use his drug of choice!! This is someone who caused terrible harm in society...presumably driven in part by alcohol itself!

Yet anyone who consumes a 'different drug' is punished further should they consume it while at home and under conditions!!

Two standards - one for drunks, and one for the rest of us...

A Dream Of Love? No More ! Original Song Tim Dalton Lyrics John Finn

One of the best things about selling Psychedelics is that I get to associate with the nicest people. There are no liars claiming that they can smell pleasant odors through walls and that they are made sick by them. The people who use these substances have a song of joy in their hearts, a twinkle of creativity in their eyes, and increased intellectual capacity. The Registrar was "on" LSD when he did the 40 minute recording in one take. I am not at all ashamed of what I am doing and I have succeeded in my mind. No matter what they throw at me I will see this through because I have a right to be happy and live in peace and not have belligerent goons of all kinds of colors and weaponry stealing from me and working hand in hand with biker gangs to police my community.

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