Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is "News?" The Chilean miner rescue or the plight of the McCann family?

Which story is a real news item worthy of extended very expensive coverage?

And the Chilean miner story

The fact is that this story, the miner rescue, could have been covered by local press quite well if it wasn't such a rating getter. Why all the worry about ratings CBC, when important local news is left off the radar screen every night?

Why don't we hear, every night, about how there are still no developments in the McCann disappearance case? Are we afraid to expose the real state of policing skills in this country? Here is what is important to the police in Canada.

Isn't it news that the burned out motor home incident, was neglected at first, while important clues were still fresh around the burned out motor home and perhaps in people's minds/memories? Today the RCMP's chances of finding them, or the perpetrator of any crime, become more and more remote.

Why wouldn't the lack of police progress in this example of the state of police "competence," by the RCMP no less, be at least as important as the well covered plight of the Chilean miners? Seeing that it concerns all policing in Canada why wouldn't the daily lack of progress be important to Canadians? Isn't the potential of finding any serious criminal who may decide to off your loved ones at least as important as the inspector, Tom McCLUSKIE, HOLDING FORTH WITH HIS BULLSHIT AGAIN?

Whatever CBC puts up there, is what the news focus is. Why are Canadians not getting more and more outraged as these police spokesmen/women keep making excuses and feeding us bullshit? Is it because the news organizations cover up the incompetence rather than expose it? Is it because they feed us BS about pot busts and how dangerous these substances are to us? Poor policing is killing Canadians almost daily, yet we rarely get to see any of the mountains of blatant evidence of it. Why is that? Just more splash about grow op bears is what we get as news.

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