Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tom McCluskie heads Integrated gang task force, interviewed by Rick Cluff

Just heard this intelligent sounding man speak on the Early Edition with Rick Cluff. I will try to get the podcast of McClusky up. The gist of his claims is that they are in control and have a handle on these gangs' activities. What a fucking bunch of bullshit. Is this because he says so? he claims that they were coming into restaurants in the lower mainland and "opening up" with machine guns and now they are not. He claims that now the gangs are moving into the interior and "expanding" their territory. What a fucking liar. The guy who bragged to me about murder one, was convicted for murdering a woman in Kelowna in the early eighties. The truth about the whole scam this cop is putting forth is in his words "We could always use more funds." Since the early eighties there are fewer people like me who would risk their lives to help make the community safer because (a) the gangs are getting smarter and have more intelligent leadership and (b) people see that they would put themselves at risk trusting the cops because the gangs are much more powerful. Just ask me if I would ever be so stupid as to trust the police again. This great crime fighting strategist, Tom McCluskie, fails to mention the only pragmatic solution which can work, has been proven to work in the past, repeal of prohibition and control and regulation of all substances and prostitution so that these activities which are part of the normal range of human behavior are not a source of criminal income. This type of behavior will never be eradicated, rather it will remain a source of income to organized criminals as long as we fail to remove our heads from our collective, hypocritical, moral asses. No, not for this self serving asshole, then he wouldn't have a job, not need an endless supply of funds while the problem grows continuously unhindered by his "great efforts," our communities becoming ever more lawless as a result, while the cops conflict more and more with the citizens whom they are supposed to protect. Take a look at the hand in hand work the VPD does protecting drug turf downtown. I risked my life to expose it, but it remains well hidden by CBC while this bullshit artist, McCluskie, gets airtime to ask for more funds. The VPD openly, happily, admits that it works hand in hand with the Hells Angels to make our community safer.

Letting these cops plan social policy for us is like allowing garbage men to plan environmental policy.

The guy being interviewed on The Current has it right we have an amoral civil service. There is no ethical conscience in our government agents, no sense of duty to to the crown, to the truth, when they see someone, a fellow officer breaking the law, from the exposure of medical records, to lying to serve their own positions at the expense of honesty in courtrooms. All the way up to a former prime minister, Brian Mulroney, we see this example from our public servants. Screw off if you think this is public service!

Isn't this where my LSD trip took us on its conclusion? It is everyone's duty to hold the crown responsible to good government! This is exactly what we concluded this video on and what I try to do as boldly as possible.

I am exposing to you the real reason the establishment is so afraid of LSD, as I live my free life and use it publicly: LSD broadens one's perspective, enhances your perception, so that you can see more clearly, exactly what it is that is being sold to you.

Maybe it was Leary's motto to "tune in, turn on, drop out"

My advice is "Tune in, Turn on, become active"

This is a real battle for the cops against the gangs. The gangs are disseminating substances which increase the awareness and intelligence of people so that they will finally be able to achieve liberty. In California in the video below we are made aware that the chief of police has finally seen the light. Thanks go to the CALIFORNIA GANGS FOR THIS SLICE OF LIBERTY.

THANKS GO OUT TO OUR GANGS, TOO, FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO HUMAN LIBERTY. I for one don't envy the tax free fortune that you make for providing this service! May we achieve victory together and you prosper in the future legal industry. Yup, I will shake hands with the devil to keep my freedom as a human being.

I am just in from a walk with the Wolf. There was an incident that happened when we crossed the Grandview cut heading north on the east side of Clark. The White Wolf was ahead making tracks for the grass under the Skytrain going east towards the Drive. A lady with two toddlers were spread out on the railing side of the integrated bike path and sidewalk. He is deathly afraid of kids. The wolf had stopped about 2 meters in front of them and he could see the mother tense up, as I did. She was focused on him, afraid, when the toddler she was holding on to started to reach out for the Wolf. My command for the wolf to "come here" was lost in his single warning wuff. Then he backed up a step and went around them quickly in a wide berth almost stepping on the road. He was out of the picture almost before she began to threaten calling the cops on me because my dog was off leash. This is the type of idiot we need leash laws for. Unlike most mothers who have actually thanked me for reinforcing the oft repeated command, "Don't reach for that dog!" this is the type of moron who thinks laws will protect her children and herself, rather than teaching them the important lesson. Her resistance is up even when she has the help of a well trained safe dog who doesn't stand for her child's lack of discipline, and warns them safely before retreating, and, minding his own business. Maybe her kid will have to get mauled by some anti social, poorly trained, unsafe animal before he learns this important lesson that she should be teaching him, rather than trying to enforce leash laws on me. The leash doesn't mean that the dog will behave in a safe manner when her undisciplined kid reaches for it.

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