Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun on the Streets of Vancouver today being a Streetbarker

I will be doing these announcements everywhere in downtown Vancouver starting today!

I wonder if I will be assaulted and stolen from

Here is the background that the Registrar bases his conclusion on

I will be smoking joints in front of the cop shops and courts and city hall, so this should be interesting. I am looking forward to this as much as any actor would be looking forward to opening night on Broadway. And that is exactly where I will start my campaign, on East Broadway!

My video will be up soon it is almost 9:00 pm and very dark out. The Wolf is inside tonight again. i guess he is becoming housebound in his old age. He never joined me today because he was with auntie Al's pack. Tomorrow him and I will do the trip alone and do the filming. I have revised my cards and the new ones will have the T intersection close to my place on them. Today's videos were shot on location by my new-to-the-business cameraman and he did a fair to middling job, considering he is friggen near blind in one eye and missing the other one, don't you think? I like the fact that he is able to keep up to me and stay with it. I am sometimes a very temperamental director. He'll catch on!

It was all good and I will get better at it as I go along. To me it is fun! I am determined to do this come hell or high water. There is no other outcome that I will accept. I will not be ruled by this pure hateful crime causing idiocy any longer no matter what Canadians want. I have a right to be happy and live a peaceful life without harassment or theft of my belongings. I have not hurt anyone and people can come to me and receive fair trade in safe circumstances to practice their peaceful habits as well. The cop by his motorcycle at the Smithe street courthouse, didn't bat an eyebrow when I toked up about fifteen feet away. Everyone has told me that this location would be the difficult one. Not for me, eh!

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