Monday, November 8, 2010

Maybe these Gang consorting VPD goons don't think I am serious yet

Just had an unmarked cruiser down here in the same spot where the last incident occurred. In the video below you will see them turning around instead of streaking up in reverse. These assholes, from the top down, love the CDSA, which also allows them to steal and harass harmless people, like all goons do. They don't have a concept of Rule of Law. Their understanding is: "Rule by my favorite Law which allows me to be the goon I want to be." How nice they can cut down any political opposition so that their goon squad monopoly can stay intact!

Watching the National on the internet tonight has added fuel to this fire above. At 7:39 into the program 2010, 11, 05 the anchor goes into the hate motivated home invasion crime story in Calgary, today. What struck me as telling was the cop at the end of the clip explaining how "unusual" it was that this home invasion was not connected to a grow op. What he is saying is that there is a lot of peripheral crime caused by the Drugs and substances act, so much in fact, that if there were no CDSA it would be a rare event to have a home invasion, even in Calgary in 2010. These cops would be laid off, or, have to learn to do real policing to a much higher standard if the drugs and substances act disappeared. I wonder if they would probably like to have the HA take care of me for them, like Juel Ross Stanton?

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