Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great night last night! LAD-00023

Purchasing shoes for my street walking job today. It is amazing how quick I go through shoes. I am looking forward to that nice new shoe feeling. By the looks of my jeans on the video I could probably use another pair of pants. Although I have stashed enough of the funny colored paper for most people to get off on a substantial shopping spree, I have not yet had time to embark on a journey of consumerism. I don't give a shit about how I look to the sheep. Fighting a war is tiring dirty work and I don't have anyone to help change my diapers. I can't imagine how it would feel not to be engaged in this battle.

Hopefully I am malleable enough to reinvent myself once we are finally free of this insane lawless society, Canada, and allowed to live in peace and harmony. I don't wish to be part of such a cruel, stupid herd of cattle, oppressed for my peaceful state of mind, stolen from and then beaten up by three of their jailers for yelling the truth from my cell: "Canada is a criminal organization!"

Watching the latest Fifth Estate on Ashley Smith and Canada's prison system which abuses and tortures children, I see that this idiocy is endemic, as those perverted idiots who hate others and have zero empathy have taken control. The whole fucking country is on the verge of disintegration. The dumb zombies keep on walking on, always in new shoes and clothes. I can see how some revolutionaries might loose all compassion for their fellow humans and target them for destruction to make a point, in acts of terrorism, if frustrated in their efforts long enough. People do begin to look like lumps of moving protoplasm blocking change, after a while. The leaders in charge fail to see that they are the cause of the problems while becoming selfish greedy tyrants looking out for themselves like Mulroney or their rich business friends, like Harper's, Ignatief's. Not a hint of the vaunted Just society the Liberals made election hay with a couple of decades ago. Every fucking promise ever made by Canadian politicians since I have become politically aware in the sixties has been perverted, scrapped, or, never been achieved, and yet the vast herd of proudly disconnected dummies, fed by the CBC propaganda machine, have barely raised an eyebrow.

The number of people elected to government with a conscience and a fair share of human empathy is small. No ministers seem to have the fortitude to stand up to their tyrannical leaders, but neglect their duty to Justice, public safety and the people for whom they should be concerned in a cowardly cur like behavior always knuckling under to their boss. Take the Minister of Health before whom our required exemption sits, Ms. Leona Aglukkaq. She probably (most likely) is not an independent cog in the machine and will not do the right thing for public safety, but rather she will likely tow the political line, thereby indirectly do the will of America in its drug War policy for foreign countries, a blatant act of hegemony. She will likely have her political career in mind and will not be troubled by the facts pointing to the lawlessness cast on Canadian society by prohibition. She will likely not be concerned for the hundreds or thousands of Canadian deaths caused by this failed policy, because she will be of the opinion, like her boss, that these people will have brought it on themselves. Ms. Leona Aglukkaq will likely ignore the many scientific studies showing that there is no reason to criminalize these substances, in favor of her personal political agenda.

I swear that if I ever gain power or influence in the future: I will jail these criminals for their crimes against humanity, so help me God!

I wonder which of these perverts was on my blog taking stock of their public value while at work.
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