Friday, November 19, 2010

No answer from the Criminal Government of Canada (click)

Who really gives a shit. This government is a hoax, so dysfunctional it can't wake up. My website is almost done. I am moving on. Fuck Canada with it dithering lumps of wimpy protoplasm standing in for leadership. Not often has a group of such talentless morons come together to destroy a society, but it is possible, as we can see. Fuck off ministers of "health" you stupid lowlifes. I will be doing exactly as I please as Chief Justice and should you try to jail me again I will declare war on your agents AND DEFEND MYSELF TOO THE LAST. YOU ARE AN IGNORANT PEOPLE DESTINED TO BE SLAVES OF ANOTHER, CANADA.

Another day of Jerking around any moron cops and sheriffs I see in front of their respective bunkers. I will continue to degrade them in public every chance I get in front of the courts bunkers and cop bunkers, anywhere they are stopped in public I will go up to them and advertise my wares and hours of operation and hand out my cards to all standing about. Soon all that concrete won't be able to stop the tide of pissed off people which will come to string you assholes up.

A new sound bite that works well and will become more effective in fact is:

"The regular use of LSD makes one lose their fear!" "You can see I am a regular user!" "Want some? Only Ten dollars per dose 10 for $70.00" Just google "Psychedelics for sale Vancouver!" This type of advertising is unstoppable and very effective, especially at construction sites!

Once I market several hundred million doses of LSD across Canada via mail order, the liberated fearless will begin to march to string up these criminal lumps of flesh or jail them for their crimes against humanity.

the truth of it is that the only way a cur like, Ms. Leona Aglukkaq, could make it in politics, is to forget the abuse and enslavement that Canada dumped on her people and kiss the abuser's the conservative's asses. she represents the wishes of Stephen Harper not any of her people or the people of Canada.

The registrar has just informed me that he has received no official response from the Government of Canada. so we will take further action as warranted, at our leisure

Oh great! that arrogant moron, Sgt Kaiser is on my blog this morning with the more 70 others from across the planet, including some from Ottawa. This is the same stupid fuck that said to me, while interviewing me on the scam they call an OPCC investigation into the assault on Rainbow John, while I was being tortured in the remand center for trying to make my community safe, exercising my claimed rights as Chief Justice Bud the Oracle at 564 East Broadway, in a uniform so waxed, that his leather belt squeaked, he claimed that the lawlessness of Mexico could never happen here. If the moron could only open his eyes, maybe took a dose of LSD, he would see things clearly. Since the sixties, during which him and I were present, the murder and violence has increased exponentially in Canada to the point where there is a killing due to prohibition almost daily.

What burns me the most is that intelligent young officers know this as well as I, but because Canada is the land of corruption, patronage, and dumb union seniority these intelligent people are never given a chance to have input in a timely fashion. It is the absurd "expertise" of the senior idiots, who have caused these problems with their insistence on the right to harm and thieve from innocent Canadians through the drugs and substances act, that is always trumping reason. Therefor, there can never be solution to this lawlessness until the old morons leave for retirement. Murders must happen daily unil then.

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Order any hits from the Hells Angels lately? Contracting one out on me this very moment? Make my day, asshole!

Why do I dislike this man so much? He treated me with disdain and was so arrogant and mouthed pure bullshit to me. I have told you often that I don't suffer fools well. This man is a fool as stated to me by his words and demeanor.

He was so bereft of imagination and understanding that he failed to see and take me for the powerful sincere honest and determined human being that I am. He doesn't understand how powerful or wimpy words can be. His were decidedly lame, imo.

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