Friday, November 26, 2010

Polygamy trial, Psychedelic sales, Street theater, great Fun!

The world is full of doubting Thomases who think that "they" are leaving me alone because (a) I am a small fish, (b) I am crazy and they don't deal with crazies in my position, (c) the cops are too busy for me, (d) I am lucky for the moment.

These people call me from across the country to tell me they don't "believe" the videos I put up on Utube are evidence of anything and that I am doomed. My brother is amongst them.

These are people of fearful, small minds who have lost all real perspective and live in a hovel created for them by propaganda. This much I know for sure, the people in charge are not so stupid that they don't see the writing on the wall. A woman, the mother of a jailed gang member, was targeted with arson in Prince George while she was inside helpless, a paraplegic. His shop was burned a day before. Last night another murder in Surrey. The world as we see it now is always evolving and these people only see it as stagnant. No imagination.

I keep hearing about Marc Emery from people who pass me by. I want to ask them "Who in the fuck is Marc Emery and what has he ever done to repeal prohibition in this Country?"

People are like sheep, can't even process what they see accurately. They see what they believe and leave the facts off the table. So far I have not asked for a friggen cent, where Marc's organizers are proudly exclaiming how much over the goal they raised for him. These are the friggen morons who lost sight of the goal of repeal of prohibition years ago when they became the personal flock of Marc Emery being fleeced by his money grubbing enterprises. Now they don't care about the harm being done to them and their friends by prohibition, because it's all about Marc, who really is only in jail because of his arrogance tormenting the DEA leadership. He lost sight of the friggen goal of prohibition a long time ago when he was looking in the mirror, figuring that he was a big shot, a prince or something.

Well I got tired of their disorganized, rudderless, self centered bullshit and am carrying on with the goal. Long before Marc walks the streets again, many people will no longer be tormented by a government out of control, applying this criminal statute on harmless people because the Registrar and I donate our time and effort for the cause. Long after Marc's supporters are finished being fleeced by this arrogant fool, our society will have succeeded in creating a safe alternative for the non sheep of this world. Watch me! I am not stopping, because for me it's not about personal glory, wealth. It is all about community safety and our rights as human beings and not allowing this government to apply tyranny unchallenged. The rest of you lame brain doubters with no vision can fuck right off and do as you please, because as you can see: we don't need you!

I am soon going out to demonstrate again because I enjoy it, and someone needs to do it. for me the sales, the courthouse demonstrations are all part of the same activism. Everything is harnessed to the effort.

Having had great fun today I still wonder why I am doing it. The doubting Thomases will never believe, the rest are hollow automatons not capable of cracking a smile. Do they ever need psychedelics in their diets. They are terminally boring and bored to death at the same time. There are few that can just take it and smile casually at the audacity of someone marketing anything vocally on the sidewalk, let alone the shock of the message. People giggle, they shy away, they act weirded out, as if they might get off just smiling or if they touched my card. Many of them in marketing but totally confused if the concept is not in their computer program, requires skill and talent. They only think printed ads and posters or airtime, only on the dotted line.

I think that I am going to take next week off and try marketing the normal drug dealer way:
Psst Wanna score some Drugs. SSSSh! Take the card, follow the directions. Are you over eighteen? Be careful and keep your mouth shut! sssh....

People like this hurt my spirit. They are spectators and armchair critics who sometimes are deeply jealous of others because they seldom achieve much themselves. Fear riddled and comfort zone tweaked they tend to play it safe for themselves. They go on vacations to have a good time in Tourist Hot spots and have a real good time. How could I want to trade all that for acting the clown in front of courthouses, on busy sidewalks? All the while i act like a fool I strut and sing out my "drug" menu. What a tenuous future. How could I not be either super crazy, or completely solid in what I believe. Would they let anyone just do what I do without a lawful excuse? Not bloody likely. I have all of the store customers, my former ones and now all the new ones. They certainly know what I do when I do it, where I do it and what is on the menu. I openly market "all Psychedelic Drugs" on the streets of Vancouver, yet no authorities claim any jurisdiction over me.

As long as I remain here in Vancouver it seems like I can behave as I believe I have a right, to be Bud the Oracle Chief Justice from the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

That leaves me a lot of room to maneuver. My life can be rich with many worthy challenges to test my metal. Bring it on!

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