Saturday, November 27, 2010

A change in Strategy-flying by the seat of my pants

To keep on with this "assertion" game plan would be a loosing proposition for us, imo. Here is my way of looking at what We have achieved from the perspective I am at now.

In every encounter with the VPD or the BC Sheriffs services I have been treated with respect, exactly as I claim my rights to be. Let me spell that out for you: I feel as I am being treated as Chief Justice Bud the Oracle with all my claimed rights intact...The fact that someone claiming to be from the Government of Canada sent an email to someone (no salutation) at at shaw dot ca a roundabout email, saying basically that the CDSA applies to persons of Canada, actually entrenches my assertion by saying that this doesn't apply to us because we are not persons of Canada. Therefor since I am not being treated as if I am a "Person of Canada," for all practical purposes, my best poker play is to accept this recognition by default and enjoy the benefits conferred on members of our society and myself, thereby. The best, safest move for me is to act as if my rights have been accepted by the Canadian Government, and, that now according to good governance, the agents, sheriffs, or, if you prefer, bailiffs of the King have been informed of my standing and will respect my rights as recognized by the Federal government.

Besides, my heels are worn raw and I can't actually walk very far. It is time to become adaptive and conjure up a new venue for another thrust, an adventure in liberty, a unique, destination unknown soaring flight. Stimulated/powered by what????? Spiritual Fusion.......?

So while the Live DMT video uploads I am going for a hobble with the Wolf and then come home and make some hot chocolate. I truly believe that it was a real connection with some aspect of God. So as I walk I will listen to the reading of LAD-00023 and wonder in the awe of God that I am able to touch using psychedelics. Am I more acceptable if I was screaming and shouting in a bar watching a hockey game while high on alcohol?

Anyone who chooses to paint me as a useless idiot, because of what I do such as the moron in the checkout line today with his loud judgment, they might get more than they bargained for. I think to those around us after I handed him my card, after he remarked about my nice hat, were his comments made. "No thanks I don't do looser drugs like marijuana!" Of course not being shy and rarely at a loss for words, I said even more loudly something apropos about losers who believe government propaganda. He actually guessed my hat to be "a bunch of feathers, safety pins, duct tape yarn and wool," when I told him it was interpretive art, and asked him to guess. OK asshole I thought and pulled his chain loudly a bit until he actually said "I am entitled to my opinion" as a fallback. I replied "Yeah, but so am I, and, if you feel that you can give yours out loudly, so can I exclaim mine." There is no standing up to the facts of Alcohol compared to all other drugs. alcohol is the real loser, was my well rehearsed theme, which I proudly proceeded to expound factually upon. If you wish to make a statement at someone elses expense, then be prepared for the consequences!

Here is what a loser on loser drugs does, between selling psychedelic substances. A fifteen minute DMT break so to speak.

It was too long! I will cut some of the stoned gawking out.

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