Sunday, November 28, 2010

Willie Nelson my heart goes out to you!

And people ask me why I do this. This is insanity that some border twit gets to call such a great man a criminal and steal his Cannabis. I truly hope someone will nuke the living shit out of the cancer living next door to me. I would thank God if I could see a nuclear dawn envelop this insanity that we have become as a species. What a malevolent growth of evil has gripped our fellow north Americans and no one on this continent has the guts to stand up for what is right. Morons claim that I am the drug world and people should stay away for their own future good. This of course what they do to my fellow toker friend Willie at 77 is OK, though. This is what is "good and normal." Fuck right off morons! You can stick your drugs and substances act and bill S-10 where the sun don't shine! And should the idiots in power here not cease and desist harming harmless people soon, I will jail them if I ever get a chance. My God can work miracles. Just watch us.

DMT is a schedule one drug and is supposed to be much more dangerous than Marijuana. Why I expose myself is because it is the only way to expose the lie. Self conscious fear is the barrier to achieving your full potential as a human being. Because 99.9% of the people are afraid to expose themselves and the truth the rest must pretend the lies are the truth. The most evil lie is that this asshole state trooper who busted Willie is doing something for the good of humanity/society.

Nuke that cancer, oh Lord, please if it is your will. Burn this American hatred-of-others plague from this peaceful planet and restore Your will, Lord God! I would gladly die knowing this evil will be sterilized so that peaceful life may once again be given a chance to thrive.

How dare anyone say that I am the problem in this society? It is you dumb dimwits who are too out of touch with the empathy and compassion necessary for a happy community. This judgmental bullshit based on substances, skin color, cultural differences and religious differences, socioeconomic differences and the thinking that it is OK to control others for their own good to get mass conformity is what is plaguing the world. The fucking do gooders who believe they have the right to dictate, by working with the greedy, what others do are the cause of worldwide conflict.

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