Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The world is full of loosers who wish to control others

I like doing things that will achieve my goals. Today, I will be going out and doing my thing. The rest of you can fuck off. We will gain our freedom, because we are willing to lift a finger to do it. The rest of the planners, schemers and back seat generals are fluffy cowards whom I am guaranteed not to see on the streets. They always have something better to do that doesn't involve doing anything of benefit to others. A lot of whining and complaining done in their homes on the internet is what distinguishes them from someone who matters.

What the UDS has going requires none of these derelicts and lazy social delinquents. What we have is an argument in law that depends on stating the obvious in a brand new way that reveals its own sound logic. It is a legal argument which will stand on its own merit against all the lies the government has thrown out as statutes to shore up its tyranny.

When I see Utubes of the G20 and what they accomplished (throwing themselves at the cops,) compared to what we are doing, I note that they are university students conforming to the tactics of days gone by. I see no novelty or viable successful strategy, being employed. Their tactics seems to be: become evening news entertainment for the very media which denigrates them and paints them as radicals doing terrorism! Isn't this catering to their enemy. Their strategy seems to be to risk your life and freedom to allow the editors to make 20 second news bites according to the media's rules and slant. Absolutely stupid, last century's loosing tactics. I guess none of them can write as effectively and develop a voice like we have done. I am proud that I am not a trained university graduate bereft of creativity, whose eventual dest9iny will be to conform and become a well paid cog in the machine. I will not sell m7y soul for trinkets.

These educated elite, the supposedly new hope for freedom, haven't figured out how to use the internet combined with the real on the ground demonstration tactics that we employ to good effect. Rather, than laugh at our antics on the evening news, the leaders whom we are talking to are on my blog, it's like texting them. Is there no innovation in all of these Universities? It must be true that these institutions are meant to help people conform to the way things are done and have always been done. Fuck! the world is in big trouble if these are the hopes for the future.

We have still not solicited any funds for the cause, yet have made real progress as anyone can see. There will be no stopping us either, because what we want is the only logical way out of this mess caused by a succession of moronic Canadian governments too stupid/corrupt to protect their citizens from American hegemony. We can not be defeated with a reasonable legal argument because their is no way to cover up the linkage to tyranny that we have exposed. This is the scam the law societies have installed to plague Canadians with lawlessness and you can't be of them to challenge it. You only need to be better than them to take home the prize.

As you can see, we are better without legal training at understanding Justice and the rule of law. They are con artists fleecing the public through illegal acts and their stranglehold on the law. They are the ones responsible for the growth of violence and oppression by armed police goons, because not one graduate in decades cared about the real foundation of law, or even knew how to define Justice. It seems like all of them are greedy, rote repeating, law graduates bent on fleecing the public in their private playground with no a glance at the big picture or concern for the ever growing lawlessness. I guess it means more money for them, so why worry about it.

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