Monday, November 15, 2010

Streets of Vancouver on LSD "The Horror, the Horror!"

A society with scurvy of the soul is what stands out for me. The stunned, uptight, aloof nature of a vast majority of Canadians I meet on the sidewalk frightens me. There has been a very noticeable change over the last forty to fifty years. None of it good. The joy is missing. Why is that? Could it be that psychedelics are a necessary part of the human diet?

Are the only really simply happy people, drug users? Can no one else see the truth in the phrase "light hearted" as meaning the light of God? Are "Godly" people not happy people? Then, by all the evidence apparent to me there seems to be a lack of God on the streets of Vancouver. They seem like soulless manikins, well dressed "passable" zombies.

This post is the product of an especially introspective LAD experience. Therefor, I can not help wondering if this is a symptom of a diseased society, or my over abundance of joy? Who could be happy when one is being lied to almost non stop by the very entities, the foundational institutions, that you have been taught to trust the most? For me, it is the final, complete, understanding that the "highbrow" entertainment of CBC that I have learned to crave as self centered mental titillation, is actually similar to mental masturbation while enraptured to sultry tones and pretty faces: an empty exercise.

When I see that the side this "venerable" institution is aligned with, is the forces of Injuria which support the tyranny of Canadians, it hurts me deeply. The real lie is when you hear those nicely toned, censored voices on Radio One, all more or less promoting that Canadians are caring, intelligent, nice people. By all indications, to anyone with their eyes open to the light of God, it is apparent that the real Canadians have long ago been edited out of their rightful share of airtime from the National Broadcaster.

This means, imo, that the largest contributor to the malady pervading Canadians is likely the National Broadcaster. The fact of that is that the modern day equivalent of the Declaration of Independence which has been given to a people of God as a gift of medicine for what ails Canada, is left hidden from those whom it might benefit. And yet the moans of warmongering, grieving parents who wish to perpetuate what is a war crime to justify their own losses, is given plenty of airtime. For me, CBC's role of tree top passer of propaganda, as Alex Carey mentions, as a most effective way to perpetrate tyranny, has been exposed. It took me a long time, and a lot of LAD, to realize this. Now I truly know who is mostly responsible for the mess we find ourselves in: my beloved CBC is the instrument of the devil!

I cry for those soulless manikins in charge, who are so small minded that they would choke a nation of its liberty, God will surely judge them!

I write well under the influence of LSD, don't I? Why is that? Could we be telling you the truth: that LAD is the light of God within you?

And just as it was in the days of old, forever, these sacraments are not to be prohibited, while they must also not be toyed with in pursuit of hedonistic pleasure by the masses, but used to develop a state of happy communion with God for those who choose this path.

That is not to say that the users of these sacraments don't thoroughly enjoy all aspects of their use, getting into whatever state of blissful communion with god they might be able to access through psychedelic thoughts. In my world, God allows me all things that are under the rainbow as long as no one else is injured or interfered with in any significant way.

There must be a point of common ground, like the common law, which allows everyone to impact each other slightly, without objection, as part of community living. It makes no sense, other than catering to that unjust human trait of spiteful control, to outlaw smoking in the parks where trees absorb many of the toxic elements of smoke, while cars drive by and poison everyone's environment by the ton. Someone can burn up 15 liters of gasoline going to the store to buy cigarettes, and then they frown at me for smoking a joint sitting at the outside table of a coffee shop. Piss off and die you control freaks: control yourselves first. All this does is give expression to ugly human traits so that they may be developed for use elsewhere. Leash my dog? Leash your fucking cars assholes! I control my Wolf better than most people can drive.

These nationalist, socialist schemes like population control, diet control, and mind control, dumb down the pollution into a homogeneous herd of cattle too stupid to understand that they are being propagandized into supporting unjust wars, while they think they are being led in prayer.

Only the individual, based on his personal strength founded in liberty and expressed through the worship of God, not in fake prayer, will raise up the quality of the entire society. The insurance schemes have been employed mainly to bring forth huge war machines which benefit the wealthy and mostly injure the poor. The sanctity of God lies in the free individual's life if living in a society that obeys the rules of God, whose Monarch does not injure his subjects to deprive them of cognitive liberty. How else could God be accessed by all, if the full spectrum of thought was not allowed? This is the biblical reason for the lawlessness and evil that we see around us, is it not? Each man is no longer the King of his house, having been sent forth by Samuel, to rule his family under the laws of God. This sanctity of unbroken rule from God, through the monarch/vicar, through all of the heads of the families, is usurped by evil in the guise of social policies administered by politicians. To replace the healthy and vital individual exercise of freedom and liberty, we are ruled by state control, injuria, under the of rule of tyranny.

You bet this is war if we are not let go in peace! We will not be part of this evil any longer. Play your own games of violent domination, this is not what the Magna Carta promised. The King/Queen (in whose name I was charged) promised to abide by the law of God: Thou shalt not steal. The Monarch, in stealing from peaceful Canadians, has managed to pervert the rule of law throughout most of the institutions.

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