Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Update: LAD-00023 revisited (click)

There have been a few calls inquiring if everything was alright with me because I haven't posted or Utubed for a bit.

Good news about the Boxing Day Sale: it was a roaring success and seems to be the first such sale experienced in this type of product anyone had seen. The line ups were orderly and well behaved without security. That is no bullshit. I had a line-up for the first two hours. I had broken down, and, for simplicity's sake, added a bonus of 20% across the board. So many nice people ranging in age from eighteen to the mid seventies stood conversing happily, sometimes waiting up to fifteen minutes, for their turn to order.

The VPD was busy up top in front of the building and this had alarmed some of my clients who took detours to get here. I always assured them that I felt good about the increased police presence, because who else would I call to help me out if something went wrong? The Vancouver Police don't bother me, rather I believe they are protecting me from the real, violent criminals. It's their job to keep the peace in our community since it would most likely be a Canadian who would be the criminal culprit. Who else should I call: the Hells Angel's? If the cops don't come when I call, or, if they dick me around, harm me again, then I will need to hire my own security from a pool of whomever is available.

I would have no other choice if this is the level of lawlessness that is in effect in BC. Let's hope there is someone in charge who is still sane, and doesn't think like Brad Desmarais and put a hit on me. The cop who engineered the press conference to announce the VPD's cooperation with the Hells Angels over the problem of Juel Stanton's behavior should be fired. To publicly align themselves with seeking the help of a criminal organization known for its violence to help with policing the community has undermined the foundation of the role of policing in a society which claims to be governed by the rule of law.

I am secure in the foundation on which I stand. There is no way, as I have told the parliament of Canada, that harmless people can be made to join a criminal organization which openly works with violent criminals. Has anyone noticed that there is not a hint of this obvious turn of events. One CBC suite, during my attendance at one of the Musical nooners this summer, spoke up and said to me of my perception of the VPD working with the Hells Angels something like this: "well that's your right to look at it that way." It's their right too, but no one dare go in that direction, because how would the sheep react when they got the obvious connection between Stanton's death spelled out for them? To air this real proof of a connection with organized crime, the press would expose that there is no rule of law in Canada. Couldn't have that eh? Oh, but they sure ramped up the bullshit about how dangerous Bud Oracle's pot shop was when it was open in February. Some kind of pure crap about me being responsible for an international security incident during the Olympics by Mike Howell of the Sun. Not a word about this open exposure of the criminal association of the VPD with the Hells Angels.

The fact is, these real actions by the VPD hang in the air like the smell of the rotting corpse of Justice. We actually don't know who took out Mr. Stanton and will likely never know whether it was the cops, or the HA, or someone else who took the opportunity presented to them by the VPD press conference claiming cooperation with the HA in April 2010.

The words we spoke as a Society to the government of Canada, foreshadow by a year our conclusions and state clearly that we are harmless people who have the right not to be harmed by the actions of the criminal organization known as Canada. When you loose the understanding of what your duty to the community is, as a police organization, lawlessness rules.

If you click the title link and research the document thoroughly you will see that it is a prescription for healing the Canadian society. Of course no one can force anyone to take it. But, no one can force anyone, such as the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, to cooperate with a criminal organization, either.

Here is an original song by Tim Dalton and John Finn. Thanks for sharing it.

Last night on Ideas CBC there was the third part of a series of podcasts entitled "Dogs themselves" It is amazing that I have come to understand these wonderful creatures---Dogs

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