Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long-time Hells Angel gunned down near City Hall

The word on various news outlets is that the VPD requested the Hells Angels to do something about this rogue member who was reportedly going "out of control," that "it looks bad for the club."

Did this relinquishing of authority to the gang result in the death of this man as his wife reportedly claimed through tears immediately after the shooting?

I guess that is why the VPD does their turf protection for them, they get the help to eradicate a problem when it comes their way. Nice!

I guess if I want a dangerous threat taken care of, I will go to the HA, not call 911.

I made a mistake there, eh!

Below is the effect and sentiment of a drug user, a pot smoker. A marijuana enhanced, creative, peaceful spirit. The above is the result of the laws of prohibition.

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