Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kevin "the teacher hunting" Falcon

While on the one hand Dana Larsen is talking intelligent, perhaps insufficient imo, pragmatic solutions, and being dismissed by the talking "politco" heads, Kevin Falcon's absurd targeting of teaching performance for the benefit of the true morons in BC, is discussed seriously. What a friggen scam this is. There is no real problem in teaching today, and so the would-be leader of the Liberals wants to create a diversion in order that the idiots will again be distracted from discussing the real problems, as is seen by the short shrift given to Dana Larsen and the huge investment of airtime on CBC to have a call in show on Falcon's truly stupid idea. Measured by the creative ability he has displayed, Kevin "the stupid" Falcon seems incompetent to lead the Province.

People are dying due to the drugs and substances act and he has to invent problems as elections issue designed to inflame the passions of the most stupid and hateful citizens who would rather blame the teachers for their own lack of parenting and involvement in the lives of the children surrounding them. He is unashamedly catering to the lowest common denominator, the small minded, those who support the liberals: The corrupt or the dumb. All of it poor entertainment for the mindless.

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