Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arizona shootings mark the beginning of armed insurrection in the United States

This is the USA, whose leadership has caused so much death around the word through its armed imperialism and lack of diplomacy, for which Canada has contributed 152 of its citizens. this country has raised corruption and the power and wealth of violent criminal gangs around the world causing untold tens of thousands of deaths in foreign drug wars and gangland violence, like Mexico and Canada. Through its absurd crime causing prohibition laws the world, especially America, is in internal meltdown. Still, Prime Minister Stephen Harper models himself/kowtows to the American government and foists upon his own citizens policies which directly mirror the American idiocy, the results of which are destabilizing and clearly seen in the rise of these right wing militia movements. The American Government is ruled by corporate interests and its people are slaves. There comes a time for uprising when the government is spending the financial resources and blood of its citizens to fight wars based on lies, while its own citizens are homeless and hungry.

Because Americans feel that all solutions come from the barrel of a gun as they have been taught by their government, they are reacting using their claimed rights under the Second amendment. I have been predicting this chaos for a couple of years. Rather than openbly wearing side arms, this is our way of change, through law, not gunfire.

Canada can be proud that some of its citizens are intelligent enough to stimulate change through peaceful, dynamic, entertaining and lawful actions such as the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society's. If you follow our rise, our words to the government of Canada and the Registrar's intelligent legal foundation LAD-00023, you will see our goals being peacefully achieved, using only words and some outrageous theater in front of courthouses, and on the streets of Vancouver. Yet the Canadian press make this powerful little theater, a peaceful revolutionary method of achieving political goals in itself, invisible, instead of proudly trumpeting the New Canadian way/template for change as a model to the violent conflicted world. Instead, the National CBC is sensationalizing the American violence as a new venue for political influence. Perhaps to spur on other gun toting nuts here in Canada?

Have it your way morons, that is exactly why I left this bin of loonies called Canada. Sheep are nice woolly creatures who deserve to be clipped. Do it the American way if you must, but you will leave us peacefully alone, guaranteed. We have every right of free peaceful men to disassociate ourselves from such lawless violent behavior.

This is the reason you must have good laws and government
: Chaos comes as a reaction to the practice of tyranny, as when Lawlessness prevails

Here is the most depraved kind of lawlessness which is also blatant evidence that the police in Vancouver work hand in hand with violent gangs

The reason why I am so sure that I am good to go on my claimed rights is that everyday I become more assured that I am entertainment and perhaps a bit of reality for those whom I directly wish to reform, even restore to a place of respect, the RCMP in Ottawa. I refuse to believe these guys are practicing surveillance on me. I honestly think they are perhaps a bit respectfully amused at my creative activism. This is the posting they came in on with the picture of the Patient black bear at the picnic table. They must have gotten a chuckle out of the posting, what with the Psychedelic sex guide free with every ten doses of LSD. Then again for those whose view of the world is the polar opposite, this will be a signal that they are watching me and will soon pounce, what with the menu up and LSD for sale. And again it comes to me, this is Wu Li dancing. It's like the Heisenberg uncertainty principal. As long as it is the way I am measuring it for me, my reality, it is OK if you see it a different way. That is your reality and as valid for you as mine is for me. So you see both perceptions can be true at any given time.

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