Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wally Oppal, Cash Heed: ethical produce or political offal?

If you click the title link you will see that these two are peas in a pod. If you were a violent Victoria police goon you might even do some racial profiling should these two, and some of those named as co criminals, be walking down the street together.

Many other cultures in BC are claiming exemptions based on fears of the dying, implementing leash laws based on unreasonable cultural fears of dogs. Can my fears of corruption in government and the agents which it employs be taken into account and given as much weight or benefit as the rich condo owners are getting, or all the perks the holders of Kushie government jobs getting, or all the recipients of funneled government funds and resources are getting? Do my fears that the government is riddled with criminals get any attention? No fucking way!

No fucking way these crooks who were actually involved in the Pickton missing women's genocide-by-default, mishandled investigation, should be left to head its inquiry, as is Wally Oppal. The whole friggen government stinks to high heaven with corruption and they feel they have the ethical moral high ground to say they can determine our diet? It's more like; they and their crooked friends are involved in the drug trade and have a monopoly enforced by the police and wish to keep it that way.

I am positively euphoric that I am not part of this criminal empire of tyranny known as Canada. Something that my ethics will not allow me to do.

This morning's Radio One news(Jan 20 2011) stimulated this rant. I see the media and corporate interests as having deluded Americans to the point that they don't know which side is up.

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