Sunday, January 30, 2011

The poetry of truth

In the above title link is the first open formal advertising on my blog for Cannabis sales in Vancouver. As contained in an oral rendition of the true story "Drug Deal gone bad" May 25th 2008. This was the final straw which spurred me to action. On June 1 2008 I sent a declaration of intent to challenge the Laws to Wally Oppal BC AG and then with intent to personally challenge the laws approached two uniformed police officers as my former person and tried to sell cannabis to them. I also sold Cannabis from the stage of all candidates meetings running for Vancouver City Council to demonstrate and assert the need for control.

Below is video of pre-drug culture rhetoric describing the effects of LSD. The first part is a housewife before and during her trip. She talks of beauty and colors and light. She talks of "being one" having no within. The language is poetry describing a wonderful event. Where is the danger compared to alcohol consumption? Have you ever witnessed the havoc wreaked upon the human race caused by alcohol on any downtown streets after bars close? Does this woman look to be in any more danger than someone retching in the gutter after an alcohol overdose? In the second part an eloquent, slightly eccentric, acid head philosopher tries to quantify in poetic language his many LSD experiences. He, as well, talks of a connectivity, thinks (like myself) that at death we transition out with a psychedelic experience. His language describes experiences in common to many subjects that hint at spiritual qualities. I found this video on an interesting blog The Homepage of J Orlin Grabbe

To keep the nice people, who sometimes stand ten minutes waiting their turn in my Psychedelic shop line up, from spending their money with criminals, the government works hard corrupting itself and its agents in the process, manufacturing violent crime in an unregulated market. These customers of mine are respectful, well behaved, hard working mostly. They are articulate courteous people who generally appear happier and healthier than those visiting the liquor store. The power and wealth which is drained into unethical entrepreneurs created by the CDSA is phenomenal and can never be stopped by the resources of corrupt government, nor corrupt policing. The only evidence which can be pointed to in the entire history of prohibition in north America is failure to achieve any progress stopping the flow of drugs, rather there is an exponential growth of violent crime as a result of increased drug trade.

The only evidence of any policy reducing drug use, and the crime surrounding it, is the the 10 year experiment of Decriminalization being carried out in Portugal (below.) The fact is that the only solution for the entire crime causing mountain of idiocy, called prohibition, being built on a moral judgment is control and regulation. The only reason Portugal hasn't gone all the way is because the world's most hypocritical hedonistic pariah, the USA, has exported its oppression through drug wars around the globe.

Unlike the other unrest in Arab countries against tyranny and oppression foisted on them by virtual dictatorships, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, has shown a way to make significant progress and change for the benefit of all, without violence, in a system designed to oppress people by denying them their god given rights to cognitive liberty. There is a 4th Parliament being held on February 16th 2011 as is stated. The best way to understand our legal foundation is to listen to and read our charter challenge document entitled LAD-00023.

The facts I state in the video below are the truth and need to be stated. Many people feel that I am either a lucky fool, or, a foolish gambler and keep on fearing my demise. People simply don't get that we are the antithesis of a criminal organization. The indoctrination is so deep that most can't get past the perspective painted by the propaganda even though they are sincere in their commitment to our ideals. This website is something that the registrar produced. It shows where our concerns lie.. Certainly not in hedonistic pursuits.

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It's Jay from SF, met you Saturday through Emily.... I've been catching up on your blog and appreciate the candor, would love to shoot the shit with you one day.

Thanks for the therapy, I'm sure we'll meet again soon.