Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bud needs your support - 23rd Mar 9:30.

Please support Bud the Oracle!!

Bud is in court at 222 Main Street, Room 511 at 9:30am to ask for a stay of proceedings. We really need as many people as possible to witness what the courts do with this activist - whether he'll get anything close to a fair proceeding or not only time will tell.

Support Bud if you've ever been a happy customer of his. He brazenly stood up for our adult rights to put whatever we want to in our bodies - namely the psychedelic substances he sold, cannabis, hash, mushrooms, MDMA, DMT and when he could get it LSD.

He sold all these substances openly, transparently and with the full knowledge of the local city, courts and police. He posted many blogs about the injustice created by the CDSA (Canadian Controlled Drugs and Substances Act). He sold these substances openly for 2+ years without one single complaint from his customers or the public.

When one person can buy cigarettes from 'London Drugs' and smoke them on a bench outside, it's clear something's definitely wrong with the law when none of us adults are allowed to possess cannabis (or grow, or transport/package, or sell)...yet cigarettes kill 1 in 2 smokers. Cannabis has never killed anyone let alone caused ANY major health problems - ask any MP or MLA to find a medical case caused by cannabis!

Support Bud and the end of this insane and failed policy of 'drug' prohibition - the CDSA. End the black market that the criminal gangs thrive on...that the politicians and police groups support.

If you can't attend the court please consider making a donation to help with small ongoing costs for his case...thanks in advance if you donate!

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