Monday, June 13, 2011

Standing in line at the food bank in the rain

As I contemplated today's intense start, I had a chance to see how much I truly fit in to the "bunch" at the Food Bank. We weren't in the rain for long. It was a great, "full," humbling, but also bonding experience. I guess that I should be thankful that my life has many diverse happenings. And loving the one I'm with, even in this situation, was an enlightening experience. Via her friends conjured up by relentless research, digging, there is once again hope imo on the high seas of Justice.

She claims to be a Shaman's "assistant," a first mate (and only mate,) but that is a matter of perspective lost in the shuffle of details at times. We are both in a down and out, yet strangely alive time of our lives. Things are truly tense occasionally for many reasons beyond our control, but then she is a lot of fun. Not much less confrontational than most females, she is at least clever as many, as well as, somewhat informed, and fun if one enjoys conversations ranging far and wide. I don't know how got hooked up with this "horn swaggler!" And sometimes a tinge of regret climbs aboard a sinking ship to worry a despairing deck hand, but she does have her strengths, and the stubborn tenacity of the English/Irish wenches is something to behold.

I am going to wage a real battle for justice with her help, She has spent well over one thousand hours researching an ever broader ripple in my legal ocean. It was cast here by someone also in need of salvation as a shaman and even better, more giving, an ethical fearless provider of the tools to worship by such as LAD-00023

I am a creature of opportunity. And when despair overtook me in Judge Rideout's courtroom after he dismissed our valid request for stay of proceedings by saying, while misinterpreting our argument: "This is something I might entertain over a martini with friends," on March 23. No one can fight this battle from a prison cell as effectively as they can from a state of freedom. There are ways to seek justice when you are able to sign, file, download papers, call people, email experts and in many other ways research your cause as well as intelligent discussion.

Out here, I can actually study the guidelines by which a judge is required to make their decisions and see if a judge or even the prosecutor is acting according to their laws and rules.

I believe that the Judge and prosecutors are supposed to be acting in an attitude of fairness and harm reduction to the community, not to wrongly implement any misguided or improper political agenda, nor to punish anyone if they are not a threat to the community. I feel that people in these important positions are required to act in accordance with relevant, up to date, best information and not necessarily think in the mindset of last century's prohibitionist theory.

What got me started in my search for real justice again, was that i am struggling through a stressful time and that I am not one to consult doctors very often. What is revealing to me is that although the courts are prosecuting me as Klaus Kaczor, I don't have any ID as KK. Getting a health care card seems virtually impossible at the moment. It seems mine expired in 1999. Therefore from the before the age of 49 through 61, I had no contact with the health care system! Must be making some good decisions concerning my health, eh?

I was also much happier before this Justice system got hold of me and decided to harm me personally, as well as send my harmless customers back to dealing with organized crime. My diet was self administered as it has been that prerogative of all my ancestors since before we climbed from the ocean. I have harmed no one by checking for age and supplying safer substances than alcohol and tobacco to intelligent adults, whose right it also was by virtue of being alive and living as an organic being in this biosphere. These laws have come into effect to the detriment of all human beings in the last century, while Nature and freedom of choice served as the unfailing self regulating mechanism of natural selection until then, from the beginning of life. Open your eyes! There is no law that says Judges must be blind. What I am researching now is the criteria a Judge must use to evaluate the cases before him.

I am certain that adhering blindly to a prohibitionist political agenda isn't one of the Judge's guidelines. First of all, if a Judge is supposed to be the final evaluator of whether the law is being applied fairly, shouldn't he or she be impartial from the outset, not rely on the charges and accusations as even being factual. If there is never an indication of violence, of harm to the community, then why incarcerate someone? The fact that drug dealing has been harmful to the community is a lie for lack of evidence, as no one has yet in the trial, and mostly no facts are ever presented, to establish that my or anyone's drug sales have ever harmed anyone as much as sales of liquor have. No one had ever made complaint about being harmed by me. Only the cops and the Government of Canada has spent effort and time reinforcing criminal empires, while giving someone with a less ethical core, a chance to make a good living> Maybe one of the VPD's or RCMP's best buddies.

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