Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver hockey riots fueled by Alcohol

I am seriously tired of the wholesome bubbly marketing CBC has spouted about hockey and its fans.

One thing I will be wanting in appeals court or any bullshit court in this country is the same rights these animals get. It is the Minister's duty to apply the neutral Controlled Drugs and Substances act for the proper effect it was designed for: Public safety from dangerous substances through control AND REGULATION. The way it is applied now the Minister uses this act as an instrument of arbitrary oppression used selectively against the minority of people who choose other substances to achieve a safer more introspective state of mind than alcohol users do.

The courts are supposed to protect citizens from arbitrary abuse of power by the government and make sure that the laws are applied equally neutrally for the effect that they are designed to. Judges are not required to be Prohibitionists to serve on the bench. Where is the protection from these drunken hockey hooligans? Two weeks of loud celebrations to promote a sporting event for the boon of alcohol establishments is pretty fucking near enough for me. I want the same rights as these hooligans have, to go about my peaceful business of making the community safe. And I will have them, you fucking government assholes!

I am very tired of the governments doing a poor job having, the worst records on issues vitally important to its citizens:
B.C. child poverty at play in 21 child deaths: children's advocate

Screw off if you think I will not appeal my unjust plea. The Crown prosecutor and Judge coerced me to cop out by jailing me before a trial. They can not use this law to arbitrarily harm people who are trying to make their communities safer by giving citizens a safe alternative choice other than corporate controlled alcohol to celebrate with. At any marijuana festival or event in which psychedelic use is prevalent, you don't find this kind of danger to people.

When laws are applied equally to all citizens for the effect that they were designed for, community safety, and not political purposes inflicting a moral judgement, then I will rest.

I remember that the Prime Minister Stephen Harper had some publicity supporting the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs lately. Not too long ago he also had a photo op proclaiming drugs are bad. What fucking drugs are bad, asshole?

How much did security cost the city Chief Jim Chu? Oh yeah you have it under control, eh?

Are you saying something about a drug free life idiot? Does that mean you don't drink? And your children are at the age they are exposed to alcohol now and they will never drink? Is it true that Alcohol is not fucking dangerous? or creating violence? Are you do something about the connetion youngsters have with Hockey and drinking? Are you saying that drugs do damage to people and not alcohol? Stick it where the sun don't shine, moron. Making policy on bullshit never leads to a good outcome.

This man, our Prime Minister, is talking selectively and conveniently forgetting to mention the most dangerous substances Alcohol and Tobacco. The Minister in charge of the CDSA has a duty, is charged, to include all dangerous to the public substances. This does not mean prohibition. He has the power to regulate. The act is supposed to be about control and regulation. By exempting, for no good reason other than it is not politically expedient, the users of these drugs from the act the legislation itself becomes an illegal instrument of oppression. The courts should protect the citizens from oppression and make sure everyone has the same rights and protection under the application of a law. The courts have no jurisdiction in drafting or writing the law, but must act when a law is being used to treat some people unfairly(equal treatment under common law.) In section 55 of the CDSA it says the minister has a duty to public health to bring all dangerous substances under its control. He does not have a duty to leave out the most dangerous substances while trying to harm others for their use of safer substances. Until the law is fairly and equally applied as it was intended, for public Safety, it is not a legally valid instrument and we must be protected by the court from its misapplication.

And I know why people like Stephen Harper, GWB, Ronnie Regan get to make it. GENETIC PREDISPOSITION "DO HUMANS HAVE A POLITICAL GENE?" by Klaus Kaczor (an Oracle in his own right) SINCE I FIRST WROTE UP THIS STUDY FOR THE EDITOR OF AL JEZEERAH SOME CORRECTIONS HAVE COME TO BE NEEDED 25% LEFT + 25% RIGHT + 50% MIXED POLITICAL ALIGNMENT = 100% SAMPLE INSTEAD OF RR(25.78)+rr(24.22)=Rr(49.93) IT SHOULD BE RR(25.78)+rr(24.22)++++++++++Rr(49.93)==== 100% of the sample. What can you expect I was constantly stoned on good marijuana during the whole genetic voter research and did it without a government grant on less than a half ounce of good Kush.

That was the output of my addiction. A theory about political expression in our genome Two hits of Window Pane acid (LSD.) And about a half ounce of pot consumed in the week that the research mania was upon me some fifteen years later. My life is an exciting confabulation of experiences, none of which threaten anyone else, nor do I break any real criminal laws. What was tolerated as "legal behavior," which most of last night's riots was technically, although drunken and dangerous in its mood was allowed then we do nothing wrong when peacefully using our preferred substances. Some of the behavior was unlawful and the police tried to enforce criminal laws pertaining to illegal behavior of people which is also applicable to any mis users of any substances. Even when nothing but pure propaganda makes a crowd misbehave blocking of sidewalks is also tolerated as well as DANGEROUS BEHAVIOR.

Or, I ask again what is the reason I can not be engaged in my spiritual pursuits peacefully if my behavior is peaceful? In the video I ask why I can't stroll through a park peacefully on LSD when Hockey fans get to enjoy themselves worshiping whom they wish?

So why is the drugs and substances act being applied by the courts ON SOME PEOPLE if it is not applied fairly to all users of dangerous mind altering drugs for the purposes it was created? Why is LSD illegal when the harm it potentially does its users and society is miniscule in comparison to Alcohol? To what end is one peaceful set of substance users made into criminals while a much more dangerous segment of abusers allowed to enjoy their version of the good times? And since when have we thinking, responsible, people given up the right to engage freely in whatever peaceful state of altered consciousness we choose? I am all for there being an Act fairly applied to the users of all dangerous substances in an equal application of the law. I think it is about time that all substances including the most dangerous and ubiquitous ones such as Alcohol, tobacco refined sugar or other dangerous to public as well as to the individual, products.

Criminal law does not govern action between you and your body, or, you and any third party adult who chooses via knowledge of the facts to engage with you for fun and/or profit. It cannot be otherwise in a free country. For anyone else to interfere in a peaceful man's chosen form of liberty, would negate all principles of freedom. A society which is built to have children snitching on the adults, and neighbors against each other is not really worth living in. So when some people complain of the smell of pot in their hallway, or trafficking from the adjacent patio, it is a way of making them point out the 'Jews' so that the Plant Psychedelic Gestapo(PPG) can come and do their entheogenic cleansing.

What a friggen hoax these criminals in power pull on us who are captured in the "Bovine Entrapment." Oh, wink, wink! you can't posses or trade in these criminally sanctioned substances, because we know that they are bad for you...... Also, wink, wink! you will note that these dangerous substances which we know are bad, but which a majority of people enjoy using, are perfectly legal and any entrepreneur who follows the rules, verifying legal age, not intoxicated mental state, can sell tobacco or alcohol, over the counter. Alcohol can even be brewed as beer or wine by individuals without a permit.

I can not tolerate anyone who bows to the government's medical marijuana racket. This stuff would benefit humanity and do many people good socially, physically and mentally if its use became more prevalent in the community. The effects are not as destructive both physically and spiritually as are those of alcohol. Loss of cognitive ability with motor skill impairment comes quickly on alcohol. A personality or severe mood change can take place without warning. Irrational violent behavior is a common outcome for alcohol intoxicated people. No such things happen with moderate amounts of marijuana. People have mental states which are relaxed and predisposed to a calm state of reflection. That is the essence of smoking pot "Make love not War!"

What is your problem Mr. Parliamentarian? What perusal of the Hansard has given you any indication that there exists enough brainpower in Parliament to screw with the mechanisms of human nature and spiritual freedom? Why do Politicians think they are entitled to discriminate against, and arbitrarily target, a certain segment of their own population on the basis of personal moral choices. Really? "Drugs are bad?" "Which friggen drugs are bad?" Why not treat the worst ones as public health issues.....? That is what the law is created for isn't it? Each substance according to its own danger to society so that those which are more of a risk will be safe guarded against appropriately.

The fact is I choose to exercise different aspects of my mind other than those involving alcohol and sporting events and there is no sound sane reason that I shouldn't have the choice to follow my own path. It is the fool who dares to shake the stick a holy man sits upon.

And I have no qualms about these people selling timeless teachings in the video below. If it is cool to sell fast food, religion. and many lousy movies, as well as sad sporting events for inflated prices, then what these people are asking in the video below is merely a bit of recompense for getting all the info together. It is hard to market even creative material assembled well for excellent prices, isn't it?

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