Friday, July 15, 2011

Acceptable Addictions: They may be deadly but everyone tolerates them

Central City plaza smoking area. These are likely students at SFU which has a campus here. As I sit out here with star waiting, my eyes take in the scene in front of me. It is normal and seems to be accepted by everyone. No one is shunned for using a deadly intrusive to others substance like tobacco. In the title link the article states in its first sentence:
Tobacco use kills approximately 440,000 Americans each year, with one in every five U.S. deaths the result of smoking.

I don't enjoy being around tobacco anymore but I am not about to ask anyone to leave. I will go if it gets to me. What really gets to me is how dangerous smoking really is for everyone and yet how its tolerated as part of the normal range of human experiences.

Why would what I do be any worse and in what way is it worse? It is all about lying in a political context. Lying not only to others as well as to ourselves
“Political language,” wrote Orwell, “is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.” But neither Orwell’s essay nor the popularization of his lesson in Holocaust seems to have deterred people from using political language. It continues to fulfill a great need. One particular contemporary American instance is very revealing.

If one uses the right kind of lie you can make anything stick in today's legal and political world

The fact is that this issue of reason as applied to changing the prohibition laws and make our communities and lives safer, happier, is only the canary in the mine shaft.

Listen to all ten of the videos; the first one is below. I truly believe and have believed that the use of these substances is vital en masse to help find the solutions to our own rejection of Gaia as individuals and a species. Dr. Stephan Harding worked with Dr. James Lovelock for many decades. These guys are talking stuff that I believed from the first moment their concept became public. I knew it to be real and true because the psychedelics told me that there is a living bond between everything, that the spirit of the air is life in every breath and every chemical reaction.

Here is a warning from James Lovelock

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