Thursday, July 14, 2011

Neural Diversity: some people are born with different operating systems inside their minds

So now I am doing this court ordered forensic psychological review. Listen up here and pay attention. This is serious business and should you ever be confronted with it having read this might make you more aware of what to expect. There is a consensus that I am displaying a certain set of symptoms. I don't know about you but I have always known that I was not the same as all of the rest of the monkeys. It started off with some heavy medication in my early teens. Phenobarbital was one ingredient, dilatin and trimadone pharma crap made up the cocktail. I was doing this before I started toking. Three times per day. Continued until before 16. This was in the day when we saw a guy with what looked like a fancy assed ice-pick on the News Claiming he could heal troubled minds. Anyways once I started smoking pot I never had a need for that medicine again. Now on reviewing my own videos and audio productions (A sample of them) I can see where some may call me over the top. Mostly it is not when I am on any psychedelics. The are probably audio recordings around which would to a trained ear declare me off balance. Thankfully I make no threats or off collar remarks, although I do use abusive language. This much I know, I am not perfect but I do seem driven at times. Irrational at times but never really dangerous. Way the fack out there, oh yes! A rebel with a cause and a just one at that.

I have a few things to get straight about why I put myself at such risk. Have any of you ever wondered what happened to the good old class clown? The person with the odd clothes or the class dreamer; where have they gone? What has become of them?

Does everyone get that we are each of us unique in some way and some of us are way out there in a big way? You can really say that our brain chemistry is divergent. Thank god for the difference, eh! I like it, I am well behaved and don't wish to take anything more pharmacological than the substances I enjoy taking. The fact that my health care card expired in 99 should clue someone in that I am healthy and have mastered my own health care. Now, maybe for any kind of change to happen there must first take place deviation.

Like I said to the pretty young Phd, "I sure hope they are paying you enough for this.... because they ain't paying me anything!" I notice that most of the young professionals I meet nowadays are female. Is that also a divergence from the norm in the grand scheme of things. What will life be like if America fails financially? The times they are a changing. One thing is for sure, governments have no clue about how to handle the future. It might actually be a good time to go to jail and get three squares a day and a warm bunk. Who knows what will happen. God decides, anyways. I sure miss my Wolf. I treat the dog I'm with as a replacement in the hopes good karma comes my Wolf's way.

The government is spending a considerable sum to make a criminal out of me for smoking my favorite medicine. I suppose it is taking a lot in in taxes from the monopoly of alcohol and tobacco to be able to afford it. It is a sad situation that reason is always left out of any courtroom situation. Maybe I am divergent for wanting to be treated equally to a cigarette smoker or drinker of alcohol. I just might be a bit of a troublesome goat instead of the preferred sheeple.

I love diversity of every kind and I embrace my own. I hope you do too!


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