Saturday, June 13, 2009

Audio recordings of Bud oracle being busted by the VPD (click)

Almost 45 minutes of 8 cops accosting a peaceful old man.It captures how absurd this law is in its essence. Not only were the cops deceitful in the reason they contrived for why they came over in the first place "The camera," the one admits to seeing me "having a toke" only a minute later, but that the fact is my behavior is superior to that of the cops at all times not impaired or a threat to anyone.You will see that under the influence of this plant that I have at all times control: rational non deceitful speech, the complete awareness of my rights and the peaceful way I behaved myself that as compared to what 8 servants of the crown did to me."The cops again try to escalate the encounter to an incident where they an use force, if I had been on alcohol the reaction would have been different. My reaction was coherent and controlled being aware of the law and their transgressions.The fact is they don't want people to be sensible in control and non violent. They are afraid of a substance which gives someone the abilities I displayed on this video.

All through this evidence revealing video we can see the 8 cops wasting taxpayer funds with their hands in their pockets. The Odd Barnacle remarked that his family always said that employees who have their hands in their pockets were not good workers. that's exactly what my family always said. anyways after all this standing around violently arrestinf a peaceful man who was not endangering anyone these 8 armed goons allow a radio controlled vehicle powered by a gas engine to blatantantly disturb the peace and illegally become a threat on a public roadway. The guy lets his little projectile zip by these dunderheaded cops on a public roadway a threat to any driver. This is a pilot less powered unlicensed vehicle on a public roadway less then 2 meters from these 8 cops! Anyone can see this is illegal and dangerous behavior. Just call in to the cop shop and tell them that you see kids playing on a public roadway with such a thing and see if they tell you that nothing can be done!This whole video shows you who is incompetent, irrational and out of control, violently expressing the will of your government.This things captures blatant tyranny and oppression at work with your taxpayer's approval squandering vast amounts of money.
It is a wonder that you would even consider arming men of such low caliber of performance and violent nature who would so blatantly break the law to pursue, torture, and to try to harm an intelligent peaceful man minding his own business.Their is no way any rational person would say these cops were not out to get me, only humor me. No, they were gathering evidence. They wanted to nail my as to the wall for what I was smoking that was sure and truly displayed in this video. They were seriously focussed to the extent of ignoring illegal/dangerous behavior in front of them

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