Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TASER warning at the court house


TASERs may be employed against you if you resist or do not comply with the orders of a Sheriff!

This is contrary to the operational uses of the TASER in Canada.

Braidwood recommendation

"Recommendation 2

I recommend that officers of provincially regulated law enforcement
agencies be prohibited from deploying a conducted energy weapon unless
the subject’s behaviour meets one of the following thresholds:

• the subject is causing bodily harm; or

• the officer is satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that the subject’s
behaviour will imminently cause bodily harm."
Braidwood Inquiry,
Thomas R. Braidwood, QC, Commissions of Inquiry."

Criminals who are above the law work in this building applying tyranny

Here is the link to a video of RCMP goons murdering another victim: Robert Knipstrom who was 150 lbs and supposed to be of super human strength. All kinds of medical bullshit has been invented including being impaired on pot but still able to win a gold medal snowboarding.


These fuckhead goons TASERed him 6 times and beat him senseless because he would not submit to their unreasonable bullshit. What was he doing wrong to deserve to die? These cowards are too quick to use weapons/force at a point where dialog would be safer for everyone

These corrupt tyrants have managed to turn the world of justice upside down. I have some fancy maneuvers up my sleeve, too!

Morons with guns support failed policy for their own job security, because they could never find a real job.

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