Friday, January 8, 2010

Canada: the land of zero accountability?

From the ugly truth of what happened to a child who threw crab apples at a postman, Ashley Smith, to cops who commit murder on video, to the prime minister who doesn't want to answer valid questions that Canadians might have concerning possible war crimes that might have been committed in their name. Watch for Ashley Smith's story of jail guard brutality, system failure, on the Fifth Estate tonight!

Watch for Canada's story in the results of poor government that you are exposed to: More policing costs, more poor management of government, higher taxes, poorer performance for all institutions. More lawlessness and violent crime will indicate something is wrong. You will feel it in your pocket books. You will feel it in the loss of respect that the world has for Canada. Poor government is the direct responsibility of the citizenry. The reason we have this is because Canadians don't hold anyone to ACCOUNT!

For the prime minister's story watch the polls and his ratings plummet. Unlike last year, I have no sympathy for his bad move, today. This is the wake up call to Canadians that I will soon be reiterating today on my protest. I'll be out every day protesting this blatant attack on democracy/freedom because the government of Canada still terrorizes me personally and many other innocent, law abiding, Canadians through the application of the CDSA, never holding cops accountable, always supporting police no matter what their crimes/mistakes.

For instance, by trying to prosecute my former person even after it has recognized me at the parliamentary level as Chief Justice Bud the Oracle, the Government of Canada allows rogue police and agents of the crown to commit crimes and make mistakes in identification of me, to allow it Jailers to assault me. Much like you will see on the Fifth Estate tonight in the case of Ashley Smith, there never is accountability on the government's part. Why is that?

Are government employees above the law. Where is the rule of Law?

Is Canada Guilty of having closed it's eye to war crimes while this Harper, as well as the former Liberal, governments were in charge?

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