Friday, February 12, 2010

On Freedom, democracy and good governance

For me it is hard to get over how conformity bound people are, even those that claim to be free. I am getting berated by freemen for my angry outbursts, as if they impact on other freemen. This speaks of a confined mental outlook to me, not freedom. I have met so called leadership Freemen who were not free enough mentally to sit with me while I was wearing my crown of buds at their favorite watering hole. As if they were worried about what others might think of them by the company they keep. These people are not liberated in the mind. This is the only place true freedom exists. If you can't even think freely, how free can you be? If you don't have the courage to let others' opinions wash over you, you will never be free, no matter what quirk of law you operate under.

I see more control in these freeman movements under the guise of being free.

To me it's the same fraud that people subscribe to: that democracy somehow is the same as being free. Only if one chooses to opt out of a democracy are they exercising their freedom. Our systems of Democracy entrench dictatorships of political parties. Today people have less freedom than 150years ago and less input into their governments.

The USA is a dictatorship of the powerful corporations who finance the fraud that stands in for free elections. The people never get any real input, they are cannon fodder and tax slaves controlled by the marketers.

Free elections give one the illusion of "Democracy."

The sheeple are conned into making the decisions that their rulers want them to make by marketing bullshit.

In this country the bill of rights means nothing, the government always uses its notwithstanding clause. There is no rule of law where police and government officials are treated the same under the law. Police regularly get away with murder. Ministers of the government can break the laws with impunity while natives and tokers are held strictly to account

When I get angry in my videos and swear, it might not be to your liking, but your calm indifference and sweet talking may not be to mine. Free people never demand conformity of others. They revel in the diversity of humanity, understanding their perception is only a personal thing.

Freedom is not understood by many because few ever get to experience it. Freedom exists in the mind first. From there it flows into one's life and hopefully into others. Removing oneself from a society does not necessarily make one free.

I envision a real monarchy with power and a parliament determined by direct democracy as being a better form of government than we have now. The important part is that people be free and that their rights are held sacrosanct not to be snatched from them by social experiments. Freedom of choice is a natural state of being for humans, all life. It is a sacred function of evolution. There is no reason for it ever to be restricted. The whole role of a government is to provide a safe/just parameter for everyone to be free in peace, imo. Anything else is Tyranny!

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