Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It is true: I yell and scream at idiots! I don't suffer fools well

I never climbed on board here claiming to be perfect. I never solicited funds or support, I don't have patience for people who have not the ability to form coherent mental thoughts. I really don't suffer fools well. Sorry. That is a flaw I have ingrained in my behavior pattern. I posture and yell and scream logic at these fucking idiots.

No one is clear on what the real issue is. The crux is that under our laws, the law of God, freedom of choice is a sacred gift meant to be exercised by individuals as a direct form of experience/consequential exercise which strengthens each person to their ability in the practice of it.

As both a scientist and as a follower of the laws of God, I see there is no other mechanism which both tempers the chooser and mutates the results of their choices while intricately woven into the laws of natural selection.

To screw with something so sacred would skew the results of social progress to an ever more STAGNANT, MYOPIC DESTINATION.


For the strength of my conviction I rely on the word of God.

It is written that I restore His Majesty and rule of law in Creation.

Sorry if my rudeness and short comings offend you. Please forgive me as I forgive those who trespass against me.

The point is not my lack of perfection. My efforts are all to assert this freedom of choice into practice so that we can live in peace, safety and liberty once more. Without this serenity we will surely perish of terminal lawlessness.

Don't focus on me, or any other man or woman, look to God for your strength individually. Search your souls, allow a new era of tolerant perception to begin with peacefully exercising your liberty to choose freely.

Forgive others their human faults and celebrate the positive liberty that you all should crave. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It is the easiest guaranteed method of ensuring your personal safety and happiness. Don't worry about what others are doing. The price of freedom is that all must share in it, equally, no matter what their personal choices as long as they don't impact others, directly.

Beyond that, we would have to prohibit, drinking, driving, smoking tobacco, prescription drugs, hang gliding, horseback riding, selling aspiring, allowing doctors to prescribe medicines long before prohibiting drugs on a statistical order of danger basis.

That leaves only a moral choice imposed on others by force of law for no logical reason. This then is an example of The Government of Canada Claiming to be about the business of "Justice" while practicing injustice upon individuals and harming the community at large. The pretext of being about "Justice" is the same claim Hitler used to seize property from the Jews and he made laws to the same effect. Like the Jews, Canadian citizens who practice different social habits based on, relatively less harmful than alcohol products, are targeted by the government for these choices.

The absurdity of perception of those who instituted these socially harmful laws is still carried forth by the defacto tyrants of today. Simply put, tyranny seeks to always entrench itself. The method is often through laws which limit personal freedoms on arbitrary grounds. To jail people who are designated to be jailed by the laws intended for the purpose of targeting them, is the classical venue for persecution.

Rob Nicholson, Stephen Harper need to have their mental faculties checked to figure out why they don't use reason and facts as a basis for laws and social policy.

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